Carlisle Laundry in the 1950s

Carlisle Laundry
Computer generated image by Roger Bateman

Until the 1970’s road widening, Carlisle Laundry stood on the south side of the Old Shoreham Road at Portslade opposite the junction with Applesham Way (now Tates Garage). I lived in the main laundry house in the 1950s. The laundry itself, and the coalyard were at the rear of the house, and accessed through a passageway that went underneath.

I have a number of photos of my grandmother and her laundry staff in the 1920s and 1930s, and one inside the laundry itself, but nothing of the front of the building. I have produced this computer generated picture from memory, showing the house and passageway. I would be very interested to know if anyone has an actual photo.

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  • Tates bought the laundry and the house next door (31) which he converted into flats. We lived in the upper flat from 1970 until it was demolished for the road widening. Behind the house, in Tates truck workshop yard, was a building known as the Cowshed. We then moved to Church Road in Portslade and then to St Andrews Road.

    By June Churchill (nee Bates) (22/01/2010)
  • Hi, does anyone have any photos of old Shoreham Road in Southwick, the houses that were built for the dairy just opposite Windmill Parade and ending just before the older houses before Kingston Lane?

    By carol murphy (14/10/2010)

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