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Did you know? - the cat on the wall

These ‘Did you knows?’ offer different explanations of the Old Steine cat.
The correct answer is number 3!

The Old Stein cat

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  • This was an extract of an article I found on My Brighton & Hove, called growing up in the 50s, it will clarify the Jaguar dealer that did once occupy that building :- Moores also had showrooms selling Rolls Royce, Bentley and Jaguar cars at Mitre House, Western Road, Brighton in the 1960s and on the ground floor of the building that backs onto Pool Valley. The building in question being the one with a ceramic cat “climbing the wall”, next to the Royal Albion Hotel in the Old Steine. I’m not sure when either of these closed. I was born in 1962 and grew up being told by my parents that it was there because of the Jaguar relevance.

    By Teresa (07/05/2013)
  • If you look under “Jaguar Old Steine” on this website, George Taylor gives the “true” answer in an article in the Brighton and Hove Leader, 6th October 1994. It appears it is just a black cat, although I do remember the Jaguar dealers in Old Steine years ago.

    By Alan Hobden (08/05/2013)

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