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Returning after 50 years

My mother Winifred Pettett was born in Brighton and as a war bride emigrated to Fort William Canada with her husband Norman Lake and their baby Janet Lake.

Born in Canada
I was born in Fort William, but returned to Brighton in 1950 at the age of 2. I went to school at Patcham Primary for the first 4 years of schooling before we went back to Canada.  I remember playing tag and hide and seek around this triangle that shows in the photograph.

Remember my childhood friend
In the photograph here, our home is in the background at 64 Overhill Drive. It was my grandfather, Charles Pettett’s house. I still remember Pauline Paris was my friend living across the street.

Our childhood playground

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  • I too grew up in Overhill Drive in the 1950’s. Our family lived at No 19, a semi-detached chalet with two upstairs bedrooms. The house was bought after the War by my father and mother, and we lived there until 1954 when we moved to Withdean. On Coronation Day 1953 we strung two flags from the upstairs front window (my parent’s bedroom) – a Union Jack (I’m not entirely sure whether it was flying the right way up!) and a Scottish flag (the red lion on a yellow background, rather than the white saltire on blue background). My father was proud of his Scottish ancestry and had served in various Scottish regiments during the War. Next door (No 17) were the Actons; he was an antiques dealer, and at No 21 was Mrs Macleod (“Auntie Mac” to us!).

    By Martin Nimmo (13/12/2009)
  • My family moved to no 53 right opposite that triangle in 1966. My friends ‘the Collins family’ lived at number 17. Two sets of Twins, one boys the other girls.

    Also remember the Pannets, The Dawkins, The Wallers, The Bakers ( really old couple lived at 55). The Cook(e)s.

    By Derek Austin (01/05/2022)

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