Notes and queries: does it still exist?

According to the 1891 census my great grandfather, George Harwood, had a greengrocers shop at 15 Peel Place in the ward of St. Peter’s Brighton. Does this area still exist, as I would love to visit?
From Ann Harwood
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Response 1

Peel Place sadly does not still exist. It was next to the Brighton Locomotive repair shops just behind the Clarendon Church building in New England St. I believe it went before WW1 as a result of extending the workshops.
I dimly recall that there is a photo of Peel Place in a Brighton photo history book but without checking my own collection at home I cannot give the title!

From Geoffrey Mead
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Response 2

I wondered why I could not find Peel Place in my 1940s Kelly’s. It is on this map from the 1880’s.

You need to load one of the larger versions to be able to read the name. The bigger one is 5Mg so don’t bother if you only have a dial up modem.

From Martin Snow
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Response 3

Peel Place appears to have disappeared along with Peel Street, but neighbouring Cross Street and Boston Street (off New England Street) are still there. In the 1881 Census, William Taylor and his family were living at 15 Peel Place.
I have an old Brighton map showing Peel Street meeting the western end of still-existing Ann Street, and continuing southwards as Queen Street. Hope this is of some use to you.

From Alan Hobden
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  • My great grandfather, Henry Robert Linfield, lived at 13 Peel Place and is recorded there in the 1881 census. He would have been 11 years old. He joined the Royal Navy and even served on ‘The Victory’ at one point, although this was a long time after Nelson. He died in 1914 at the age of 45 serving on HMS Loch Navar, a trawler that was being used as a minesweeper.

    By Peter Linfield (08/07/2006)

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