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CVA Apprentices 1953

I was contacted by Doug Valerani through My Brighton and Hove because of my previous articles about CVA.  Doug was a CVA apprentice in the early 1950’s, who moved to Australia many years ago.  He wanted to know if I had a photo of all the apprentices from the early 1950’s.

What…….!  A guy from the other side of the world, I’ve never met, asking me about a photo that’s nearly 60 years old, are you serious?  Of course I have the photo, the power of the internet!

It’s amazing to consider that there are 71 apprentices in the photo, all fully indentured!  Probably there are now not 71 in the whole of Brighton and Hove.  Doug has helped out by providing 27 of the names, not bad after 55 years, well done to Doug over there on the other side of the world!  Probably a few names will be recognised, and hopefully some more added.

CVA was such a big company, so important to the town at that time, providing employment to so many!

CVA apprentices 1953
From the private collection of Peter Groves (with names provided by Doug Valeriani)

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  • My Dad worked at the CVA factory in Portland Road starting after WWII. His name was Sydney Pattenden, but mostly he was known as Pat. He was a ‘Maintenance Plumber’ there, and he worked full days Monday to Friday, and half days each Saturday and Sunday! Imagine doing that these days!

    By Nick Pattenden (26/03/2009)
  • I had a visit from John Smith on the 2nd May 2009 and I was able to identify a few more. However the photo was not taken until after September 1954 as that is when I started at the company. I was probably in the apprentice school at the bottom of E block at the time. The chap in charge was John Adfield who is not in the picture however his right hand man Fred Peters is.

    By Bob Carden (03/05/2009)
  • Hi folks, can anyone help me?i have purchased a Fordson Thames 5 cwt pickup 1954, owned by CVA Ltd from new until the 90s. Does anyone remember it, or have any pictures? it would be gratefully appreciated.


    By Stephen (19/07/2014)
  • I have just heard sad news that Malcolm Pullinger passed away on 2nd Jan 2018.  The funeral will be held at Woodvale Crematorium Thursday 18th Jan at 4pm, and ex CVA/KTM colleagues are very welcome.  Malcolm worked at CVA/KTM 1952-1982, I wonder if he was an apprentice shown here in 1953?

    By Peter Groves (06/01/2018)
  • The person between 19/20 in the picture is me, Mike Horabin.

    By Michael Horabin (29/01/2022)
  • Brilliant Michael, can you add names to any of the other “missing names”? Thanks, Peter.

    By Peter Groves (31/01/2022)
  • Same photo bottom row, first one I think is Brian Yeandle, sadly deceased and third next to me is Ron Hill also sadly no longer with us.

    By Michael Horabin (01/02/2022)
  • Update on above names/ 2nd from left, Mike Black then Ron Hill, Mike Horabin and Brien[Jimmy]Martin.

    By Michael Horabin (02/02/2022)
  • Well done Michael, Thanks!

    By Peter Groves (02/02/2022)

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