Megawatz, 55 Preston Street

Formerly Megawatz, 55 Preston Street, Brighton
Photo by Debbie Lias

Situated at the top left of Preston Street as you walk down to the sea, Megawatz was another shop that sold soul imports for a while.

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  • Yes, that’s the one I was thinking of. I used to buy all my gig tickets from Megawatz. We took these sort of redord shops for granted in the 1970s / 80s, especially in Brighton. Wish we could have them all back now!

    By Paul Martin (07/05/2009)
  • I remember Megawatz. I was about 14 ,I was going through a short shop lifting phase. In Megawatz I attempted to thieve Skrewdriver’s 7in Anti-Social only for it to drop out of its hidden place in the waist band of my jeans and get kicked across the street, ran for my life, never shoplifted again. Top of Preston St. In those days we spent Saturday afternoons in record shops hunting down obscure/rare punk recorrds.Diplomat, upstairs. Kenny Lyns, I think they were connected to nightclub bar (Mr K’s) now Gloucester pub. I got loads of posters from there, they gave me a 12in promo of Pump It Up. Great. Vinyl Demand, best 2nd hand record shop. I could go on.

    By Lee Johnson (01/04/2024)

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