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A galvanised tub on stone floors

My very early memories are of Wathurst Rise where we lived in the ‘prefabs’. I went to Whitehawk Infants School between 1947 and 1949 when my parents separated and my sister and I were put into foster care in Richmond Buildings.

The Broadway

We spent 4 years with Mrs Cooper who had a son Michael and also fostered David and Freddie Perkins. It was very different to our previous home as in Richmond Buildings we didn’t have an indoor bathroom or WC and had our weekly bath in a galvanised tub on the stone floors!

Julie Patmore & brother at Richmond Buildings

I attended Sussex Street junior school from 1949 until moving to Pelham Street senior school in 1953. After Dad (Leonard Marshall) remarried in 1954 we moved to Millers Road near Preston Park but I continued at Pelham Street school. However, my sister and I soon moved to live with our grandparents at 80 Whitehawk Avenue when it became clear we could not live with our new stepmother!

Green at bottom of the Racehill

It was at this point in 1955 that I moved to Whitehawk senior girls school until I finished at the young age of 15 and started work at Harrimond’s dress making factory in Bevendean. A few months later I moved to a shirt making factory in Western Road and then left Whitehawk when my Mother remarried and we were moved to Somerset where I have remained until today!

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  • The picture at the top of the page is not the Broadway.  It is in fact Circus Street and the shop next to the Market Cafe was run by the Crowhurst family who sold paper bags and other products for the fruit and vegetable trade.

    By John Deacon (05/09/2015)

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