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Street party celebration

I think this is a photograph of a street party in Richmond Buildings to celebrate possibly VE day? Perhaps someone remembers this – or was it another celebration?

My nan Lottie Laker is pictured in the photo, she lived at 45 Richmond Buildings with her mother and father, Percy and Annie Laker.

I would love to hear from anyone who remembers them or has any interesting stories about the street. If you have any memories you can share – or if you recognise yourself or anyone else in the photograph, please leave a comment below.

Richmond Buildings street party
From the private collection of Nicky Pentecost

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  • Hi Nicky, I lived in Richmond Buildings in 1951 until 1954. My sister and me, Pat and Christine Marshall, lived next door to a Mrs Laker. We were fostered by Mrs Cooper, she had a son Michael and two foster boys, David & Freddie Perkins. I remember we caught the curtain alight around the mantlepiece over the fire, we were there on our own and we ran next door and got Mrs Laker. She came in and put it out for us. I was at the Coronation party in 1953, but I don’t recognise anyone in this photo. Have you any other photos? I would love to see them. By Pat Richards (was Marshall).

    By pat richards (01/09/2010)
  • Hi Pat. My mum wants to know if the Mrs Cooper that fostered you was called Vi, as she remembers a Mrs Cooper. My nan is the third one in on the picture on the right.. Nicky

    By Nicky Pentecost (03/09/2010)
  • Hi Nicky, I think Mrs Coopers name was Vi, I know her husband’s name was Phil – he died while we were there.  Its such a long time ago, I was only 9 when we went to Mrs Cooper’s. We were with a Mrs Billenness for a year in Richmond Buildings, she lived at the end where Albion Hill was.  My Dad’s mum, Granny Marshall, lived that end as well.  My Grandad and thier son John were chimney sweeps and they had a garage on Albion Hill where they repaired motorbikes. Does your mum still live in Brighton? I live in Somerset now. Pat

    By pat richards (04/09/2010)
  • Hi Pat, did John Marshall have a son called Ricky? My mum has a picture of Vi’s second marriage and we think Micheal is it.Yeah we still live in Brighton.

    By Nicky (11/09/2010)
  • Hi Nicky, yes John has got a son called Ricky – I think he works in Newhaven. I thought Vi got married again, didn’t she marry Jim the lodger? I would love to see that photo and some more if you have any. I will give you my email & you could send them to me please. by pat 15/09/2010

    By pat richards (15/09/2010)

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