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Photographed c1930s

This is a photographic print of Richmond Hill, Brighton. It is a view northeast of several house fronts. Four pople can be seen standing in front of one of the doorways, while another figure is walking up the hill. A bicycle has been propped up against the kerb.

This photograph was commissioned by the Environmental Health department of Brighton Borough Council. It was intended to serve as part of a visual record of areas considered for slum clearance. Richmond Hill was demolished as part of the Morley Street redevelopment in the late 1930s.

Richmond Hill
Reproduced courtesy of Royal Pavilion, Libraries & Museums, Brighton & Hove

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  • I lived at 5 Richmond Hill, Brighton in 1946. There were five prefab houses in the street, then apparently built by the captured German soldiers.

    By Jean Marchant, formerly Baker (21/06/2016)
  • I have looked at this image and am wondering if it has been incorrectly titled somewhere? Richmond Hill ran north-south from Carlton Hill to Sussex St; it was a relatively small street. It is often confused with Richmond Street further north, much longer and which is a very steep slope. Many times I have heard this latter road incorrectly called Richmond Hill because it is a big hill! The slope on this image looks to me to be the Street not the Hill, but I may be completely wrong!

    By Geoffrey Mead (22/06/2016)
  • Richmond Street is still there Geoffrey and the houses are all two storey, not three; also most of the slope on Richmond Street is far steeper than the one shown here. So I suspect this is not Richmond Street as you fear and it probably is Richmond Hill as stated.

    By Neil Truelove (24/06/2016)
  • Geoffrey, if you look at Image JG_24_081.tif in The James Gray Collection, that is a similar photograph of Richmond Hill, taken in 1939,with its three-storey houses.

    If it’s any consolation, James Gray wrote: “It is something of a mystery why the street was so named. Richmond Street would have been better called Richmond Hill.”

    By Alan Hobden (24/06/2016)
  • Exactly the same houses appear in a photograph in the James Gray collection, but at a different angle so that you can glimpse Sussex Street at the top. Mr Gray makes the observation that Richmond Street would have been better named Richmond Hill.

    By Janet Beal (24/06/2016)
  • James Gray confirms it is Richmond HILL.  He comments on images 79/80/81 of album 24 it is a mystery why it was so named, adding Richmond Street would have been better called Richmond Hill.

    By Suzie S (25/06/2016)

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