Infants' School Class photo c1938

These photos were recovered from the bombed out ruins of a house in Sussex Terrace after the raid in 1942. My elder brother Micky is in one of the photos.

He and my mum Winnie Collins (nee Gravett) had not long returned from India, where they had been for a few years with Sid Collins who served with the Royal East Kent Regiment (The Buffs) Band. He later died in a POW camp in Poland.

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  • I also have this picture and I am in it. I remember some of the names, one of them Collins, a friend of mine at that time.

    By Eric Barnard (02/08/2006)
  • Nice to know somebody else was there in about 1938. I went there around 46/47. Micky was also in the NTC band there later on. He had a pet sparrow called Willie that used to go with him and it sat in his Navy Cadet hat while he played the bugle with the band.

    By Patrick Collins (Catswkiskas) (25/08/2006)
  • My Aunt and Uncle, Nell and George Cager lived in Richmond Street for years, and my cousin Eric and I used to go over the wall and play on ‘Chates Farm’ between the next lot of houses on Albion Hill. Looking back it was just a dumping ground for all bits of rubbish but we had a ball. Can anyone remember the archway that led to the block of ground, it came out of Richmond Street? Also is there any history on Chates Farm?

    By Pam Malekin (nee Warburton) (01/01/2009)
  • Hi Pam. I do not remember Chates Farm but I do recall you from Queens Park Infants School and St Mary’s Voluntary Primary School days. There is a photo on this site under Queen’s Park Infants that includes you. I remember Eric from St Mary’s and Varndean. My grandparents used to trade in the Richmond and Albion Hill area in the early 1900’s. Best wishes Dennis Parrett

    By Dennis Parrett (04/01/2009)
  • I have just spotted something about Chates Farm on this website; see Places – Farms- Chates Farm

    By Dennis Parrett (17/01/2009)

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