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I was two years old when my parents moved to Ringmer Road in North Moulescoomb in 1927. It was my home until 1953. To us kids it was a great place to be as we had the whole countryside to explore in the summer and on week-ends.

All the tenants were good hard working honest folk who tended their gardens with pride and all we got along fine with each other.

I am almost 80 now and I still intend to write my memoirs just as Sheila Winters did. I knew her brother Ernie well. I enjoyed her book immensely.

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  • Just read your piece on-line – sadly my brother Ernie passed away two years ago. I would be interested in your memoirs and am so glad you enjoyed my book. I certainly enjoyed writing it.

    By Sheila Winter (29/10/2006)
  • Is Sheila’s book still on general sale and what is its title? My father would be most interested as a former Chailey Rd boy.

    By Neil Aspinall (10/01/2007)
  • Both Sheila Winter’s Book on North Moulsecoomb Estate and Ruby Dunn’s one on South Moulsecoomb Estate can be read in Moulsecoomb Library where they have a copy of each. Brilliant reading and really give a feel for the Estates as they were. Will there be any sequels written please?

    By Mary Funnell (04/04/2007)
  • My mother’s family, the Nicholls, lived in Ringmer Road. Ivy Gerald and Kenneth Nicholls, they were lovely people. Mum is now 87 and still speaks fondly of the day they moved there.

    By Carol Allkins (17/05/2007)
  • I’m researching my family tree and hope someone may be able to assist. My grandfather Harry “Sonny” Mantell moved to Ringmer Road in the 1920’s, along with his mum Harriet, sister Dorothy and possibly his father Richard. The family have had connections in Moulsecoomb ever since. My nan Gladys still resides in Chailey Road. Could I please ask that anyone who may be able to assist with those early years contact me at

    By Karen Gander (24/03/2008)
  • Does anyone know a lady called Sheila Gunn? She had a husband called Dennis, he got ran over on the bottom of Moulescoomb Way. Only they were a lovely couple. Thank you.

    By Bridget (20/07/2008)
  • Just like Newick Road, Ringmer Road had its easily remembered inhabitants … The Scutts near the foot of Ringmer Road at its northern end. Dad Scutt had a leg injury from WWII which caused a lifelong limp. The Washingtons a little further up diagonally opposite the Scutts, then further still the Hattons and the Osmans. Wouldn’t it be just great if they could see these entries and comment on their circumstances from those times ?

    By Ron Spicer (24/09/2008)
  • Hello Neil Aspinall, some time since your note above but, was your father a Brighton bobby, went to Moulsecoomb Schools?

    By Ron Spicer (24/09/2008)
  • We went to Moulescoomb Primary School in 1952 and I can remember Pearl Colewell. I was there for the Queen’s coronation then went to Stanmer Secondary (now the University of Sussex).

    By Bernadette Hill (12/10/2008)
  • I used to live at number 2 Chailey Road from 1955 until 1962. My nan Rose Akehurst lived there for some years with my mum Rita and sons Brian, Raymond and daughter Pam. I went to Moulescoomb Primary School .

    By Sheryl Mcnaught (22/10/2008)
  • Just noticed I mention that Mr. Scutt had a war injury from WWII which should of course be read as WWI … !

    By Ron Spicer (31/12/2008)
  • Does anyone know John and Rosemary White of Ringmer Rd? I am John’s niece trying to find my uncle.

    By J Gibbard (31/03/2009)
  • Hello everyone, my name is Gregory Webb we lived at 33 Chaley Road. Coming across this site I had to write of memories that I have from about 1965-1968 of the Edmunds making toffee apples, the O’Hullerans, the Donnigans, and the Hargies, (sorry about the spelling). Andy the retarded kid we used to make fun of lived half way down the hill on the right and of course the Coors; never did understand Mrs Coor, she used to talk so fast. There was a van that used to come round selling cooked bangers in a piece of bread and every so often a bloke shouting “Any ol rag an bone”. Also the big grey van that sold veg and sweets that parked at the bottom of the hill, I think black jacks were two for half a penny. So long ago.

    By Gregory Webb (23/11/2009)
  • Hi my name is Gina and I was brought up in Ringmer road Moulscoombe. I am trying to find anyone who may have known my mum Pauline Rose Castleton (nee Moore). She passed away when I was very young so unfortunately I have no memory of her, I would be very grateful to hear of anyone who remembers her. There is also a Facebook page for her, called ‘friends of Pauline Rose Castleton nee Moore’ so feel free to join if you did have any memories of her as it would be lovely to learn about her from your memories. Many Thanks.

    By Gina Smith (25/11/2009)
  • Hi Bridget. This Dennis Gunn was he a postman? If it is ,I believe Sheila Gunn lives on the Bates Estate in Highbrook Close.

    By John Eaton (01/12/2009)
  • My parents-in-law moved into 7 Chailey Rd in 1927. My husband Terence was born in 1933. My first visit to Brighton was in 1955 for my first meeting with my in laws to be. Many happy memories of a pleasant sunny estate and a loving happy family. Terence is ex-navy and we still live in Brighton.

    By Rita Braden (13/01/2010)
  • Does anyone remember Jo Attrell he used to come round with his horse and cart selling fruit and veg and would allow my sister Pam to sit proudly next to him as he went up and down Ringmer and Chailey Road. I think he must have had quite a good little business going. I remember now and again he would give you an apple or orange for nothing. Happy Days!!!

    By Marion Bell, nee Long (13/05/2010)
  • Referring to the comments involving Sheila Winter, I have mentioned it elsewhere but I thought I should do so herein; Sheila passed away a little while ago now. Luckily, her little book is still to be seen in the Moulsecoomb Library.

    By Ron Spicer (02/06/2010)
  • l used to live in Ringmer Road when l was little… number 111, with my Nan, May Sandys, my Mum, Edith, Dad, Ronald and my brother, Roger. l always remember it was fun, the house seemed so big, the garden very long going right up to the train bank. We were all friends together, my dad used to make wine in the cellar under the house with Mr Long next door. Jean & Les, the other side, used to make us curries to try, and l remember Charlie Baird from over the road had a green car ( not many cars in them days). l have memories of a lady up Chailey Road who sold shoes from her shed you had to sort out a pair, l believe! l lived there from 1958 to about 1968, l think when we moved to Elm Grove. Nan moved there with grandad and their 4 children when the houses were first built. Such memories……..

    By Kim Bridger (nee Sandys) (22/12/2010)
  • My Gran is Alice Hulbert nee Griffiths. Gran lived at 75 Ringmer Road with her family – parents John and Caroline Elsie and a number of siblings.

    By Angela Holleran (04/01/2011)
  • I would go on the horse and cart going to people’s doors to get their order with Jo. I loved it, great days, loved Moulscoomb and the people. Hello Marion.

    By Shirley Grace Jennings (01/03/2011)
  • My Gran and Grandad lived at number 16 Ringmer Road from about 1938 til about 1972. Their names were George and Ethel Chatfield. My dad was John Chatfield who was born in 1935. He remembered the Best family and also the Canadian tanks during WW2, and we still have his childhood toy of a wooden tank named SALLY that was given to him by one of the soldiers who was in the tank parked outside his house.

    By Tracey Fournier (11/04/2011)
  • Hi ya Tracey Foumier. I remember Mr and Mrs Chatfield very well as I often played with your dad in the back garden. We had a big train set down one side of the garden and we crashed it by putting fireworks under it. I was born at 133 Ringmer Rd in 1938 and stayed until I was 18. I seem to remember an older brother- I think his name was Ron. My older brother was a friend of David Best. They did boxing at St George’s Church hall. Good days then, be good to hear from you again. Best wishes 

    By Michael Cobb (21/06/2011)
  • Hello Marion Bell (Long) – how are you?

    By Shirley Grace Jennings (05/07/2011)
  • Tracey Fournier – The Chatfields lived at 113 Ringmer Road, just across the road. George, Ethel, and I remember Grandad as well. The Canadians were based in Stamer Park and we used to visit them naughty boys. John – your Dad was very keen on motor bikes always tinkering – he loved them. We all had spells at Allen West. Ron and I played for them at football. They were happy days. Keep well.

    By David Best (15/09/2011)
  • Hi Michael Cobb. I remember Roy Cobb, he was very friendly with my brother Steve, yes the boxing club was at the St Georges every Friday evening- great times, and Wednesdays at Moulsecoomb School. I believe that Steve and Roy both moved to Woodingdean.

    By david best (28/11/2011)
  • I wonder if Michael Cobb remembers my grandfather, Horace Robbins, who used to live at 145 Ringmer Rd. His photo is on this site under the heading of Memorial birdbath at Moulescomb Infants school.

    By Geoff (29/11/2011)
  • Hello my name is Carly Bonner and we lived at 99 Ringmer Road. I was born in 1956 and have lots of memories from then. Does anybody remember Woolvins shop on the Bates estate? Mr Woovin used to deliver the glossaries and everybody would have them on tick. The Hargies, the Coopers, the Swallows, and the Lyons are but a few families I remember a great place at the time to be bought up.

    By Carl Bonner (20/09/2012)
  • I can remember the Dawes family living next door. The Jenkins family up the road, as well as the Millis family. Then the Smiths, the Swallows. I remember staying at a friends house, Russel Hawkins in Chaily Road and on Saturday night would put a note for the milkman on somebody’s elses door step for extra milk, biscuits and eggs. Ttried it too many times till one Sunday morning went across the road to collect my goods in only a crombie coat and starkers underneath and bent down to collect the milk etc when the door opened and a copper grabbed me lol. But besides that it was a close knit community, everybody knew where they stood with everybody. You could catch the bus outside the shops in Barcoombe Road to go swimming at the beach and say to the bus conducter that you wanted the next stop which would cost me a penny happeny but stay on the bus upstairs till you got to the beech. Those were the days. The Tippins at Chaily Road, the Hargies. I remember Sharon Boxhal. The list goes on, if you can remember some of the events at that time would love to hear from you. I will never forget Moulsecoomb when I was a lad. I moved away at 18, gone but not forgotten.

    By Carly Bonner (21/09/2012)
  • Just remembering while living in Ringmer Road and going to Stanmer School. At lunch-times me, Logsy Sharp, Dave Allen (Zombie) would go to Kemp Town where one of us would have seen an empty house and would climb over the door, go up the stairs into the loft and catch the racing pigeons. We would block the holes up where the pigeons could get out, and catch as many as we could and put them up our jumpers. Then the police would come and tell us off and lead us on our way. With filthy hands and stinking to high heaven, we would then go to the beano shop on St James’s Street and tuck in to a hot beano. Lovely jubly!

    By Carly Bonner (27/09/2012)
  • Hello Carly. I lived at 93 Ringmer and loved it. I loved Moulscoomb – Swallows, Boxalls, Balldocks, Hargies. I moved away at 17, got married. I know your family very well. My Sheree is with Andy Banks.

    By Shirley Grace Jennings (18/10/2012)
  • Hi Shirley. I remember you well and your brother Allan. How are you and your family? Do you still live in Moulescoomb or have you moved out? I know your daughter but never knew that you are her mum – small world. They were good times looking back and would love to re-live it all over again. Speak to you soon. All the best.

    By Carly Bonner (21/10/2012)
  • Hi Angela Holleran, one of your mum’s siblings was my Dad John. I used to love going down to Brighton which we did regularly, and get over the Wild Park and getting up to mischief on the railway. I used to go down now and then on my motor bike to visit Uncle Ernie and Aunt Beatie – very fond memories

    By Andrew Griffiths (01/12/2012)
  • Hello Carly, are you ok? Mad days in Moulscoomb in the 60s-I  loved it and wish I could do it again.

    By Shirley Grace (18/01/2013)
  • Hi to everyone, I remember some of you. We lived at 55 Ringmer Road then moved down to Barcombe Road. I have a brother David Brian and a sister Beryl. Went all through Moulsecoomb School.

    By Moya Golds (01/05/2013)
  • Hello Andrew Griffiths, my Gran is your Auntie Alice; I have loads of photos your dad took of you all. My mum Margaret remembers visiting the house in Ringmer Road before they came to Australia…something about brown lino on the floor?

    By Angela Holleran (22/09/2013)
  • Hi Shirley Grace. Yes, doing fine – hope you and your family are OK. I loved the 60s/70s in Moulsecoomb and would love to live it again. How fast has life passed by! Great memories and lots of fab people to grow up with. I will tag this page and keep in touch with every one and keep up with all the great stories. Speak to you soon.

    By Carl Bonner (01/10/2013)
  • Anyone remember the Ashdowns and Halls?

    By Ave (21/03/2014)
  • Nice to see so many names I remember from my days in Moulsecoombe; Spicer, Hargie, Swallow, Smith, Boxall to name but a few. I lived at 33 Ringmer Road. Karen Gander mentioned the Mantell family, was that the same family as Chris Mantell? He lived in Chailey Road when I knew him. I still proudly tell people I was born and bred in Moulsecoomb, at 33 Ringmer Road. My family moved there in the 50s from Whitehawk. I have been doing my Ancestry (before it’s too late) and the memories flood back to my boyhood days. I hear my old school of Stanmer has now gone. I must revisit shortly. People may remember my sisters, Anita and Gloria. Gloria is still going strong in Crawley, sadly most of the ‘old generation’ would remember what happened to Anita. Moulsecoombe! some sad memories, some brilliant ones. A proud place to come from.


    By Ivor Williams (01/05/2014)
  • Message for Ron Spicer: some time since you asked the question, but no, the Brighton policeman was my Uncle Ted, my father’s eldest brother.

    By Neil Aspinall (26/08/2014)
  • Does anyone remember the residents who lived at 149 Ringmer Road prior to 1960s? My family the Welshs used to live there from the late 60s/early 70s until the early 2000s. I have some really fond memories of living in Moulsecoomb, the place I was brought up in.

    By Sophia Reeks (06/09/2014)
  • Hi Neil (Aspinall). A very belated reply to your response regarding ‘Uncle Ted’ Aspinall, the Brighton bobby. Don’t know if he is still alive. I met up with him some years ago at Eastbourne and he recalled the rather ‘lively active nature’ of my brother Alf which was known to some of the Brighton bobbies. Apparently they had learned to be careful in their dealings with him!  Like a few in those days, there were always those who would stand up for themselves rather swiftly and Alf was one of them.

    By Olespice (28/12/2014)
  • Hi, I would like to ask if a Mr Webb of Chailey Road had a daughter called Jane as I went with a girl of that name way back in the sixties.

    By Alan Jennings (16/02/2015)
  • Would just like to say that I remember the Welshes from Ringmer Road. We lived opposite at number 34, Ringmer road. Some happy and some horrid memories living there 

    By Eleanor Kelly (12/03/2015)
  • Hi Angela Holleran and Andrew Griffiths. We are therefore all related as my dad is Eric, brother of John (Jack). We all loved to come down to Brighton to see Auntie Beat and Uncle Ernie and Trixie as kids. I do remember always going over to the Wild Park to play or slide down the hills in boxes. The stories that are still told by mum and dad about their time in Ringmer Road as mum lived across the road and backed onto the road so must have lived in the next street.

    By Mike Griffiths (01/06/2017)
  • My gran and grandad lived at 18 Ringmer Road, I was born there 1953, they were Mr and Mrs Harris. I thought the Chatfields lived next door, I used to play with their daughter, I remember going to her birthday party .

    By Sue Ferguson ne Lind (05/01/2020)
  • Does anyone remember the late Ray Burnett. I worked with him at Allen West in the seventies. Sadly, I read in the Argus that he had passed away.

    By Richard J. Szypulski (04/12/2023)

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