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Coronation Street Party

I lived in Scarborough Road, but I joined the RAF in 1953 and lost touch with a lot of the lads I went to school with at Stamford Road.

This picture of the Queen’s Coronation, Robertson Road Street Party was sent to me by Brian Ward who lived in Kingsley Road. I hope a few people will recognise themselves or friends.

If you can recognise yourself, or anyone else, or can share your memories of this time, please leave a comment below.

Queen's Coronation Robertson Road Street Party
From the private collection of Valerie Elphick

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  • Great photo David. At first I thought it wasn’t Robertson Road, but I checked Google street view, and it certainly is. The photographer must have stood outside No 27/29 looking down the road towards The Drove! 

    By Peter Groves (13/02/2014)
  • Hi. I have this photo from my mum as she is in it. It definitely is Robertson Road but it is not a party for the Coronation but for VE day. My mum is the second girl on the left. She was 12 in 1945 on VE day. If it was for the coronation in 1953 then she would have been 20 and pregnant with me – which she clearly is not in this photo.

    By Pauline (12/10/2021)

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