Coronation Street Party

I lived in Scarborough Road, but I joined the RAF in 1953 and lost touch with a lot of the lads I went to school with at Stamford Road.

This picture of the Queen’s Coronation, Robertson Road Street Party was sent to me by Brian Ward who lived in Kingsley Road. I hope a few people will recognise themselves or friends.

If you can recognise yourself, or anyone else, or can share your memories of this time, please leave a comment below.

Queen's Coronation Robertson Road Street Party
From the private collection of Valerie Elphick

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  • Great photo David. At first I thought it wasn’t Robertson Road, but I checked Google street view, and it certainly is. The photographer must have stood outside No 27/29 looking down the road towards The Drove! 

    By Peter Groves (13/02/2014)

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