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VE Day Street Party

VE Day street party 1945
From the private collection of Brian Hatley

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This photograph is of a VE Day party which shows most (not all) of the children grouped in front of the east side, even numbers, of Rugby Place.

I have listed all the names known to me, starting from bottom left sitting on the kerb, returning from the right in the next row, and so on. If I have got any wrong please accept my apologies

Christine Porter, Marian Forrest, Andrew Forrest, Barbara Dart, ‘Bubbles’ Stevens, unknown, Margot Hooley (baby in front might have been a Forrest), Pauline Jones, unknown, unknown, Gwen Harries*, Raymond Cox, John Darby, Brian Hatley.

Johnny Ball, Ralph Harries, ? Besser, Bob Taylor, Ginger Hooley, (toddler in front unknown), Shirley Grinstead, David Harries, Ken Fish or Finch (yawning), girl unknown, Billy Hatley, boy Scout unknown, Twin sisters name unknown, Alan Dart (with Hitler moustache!), Joan Chase, ? Stevens, unknown, Jacky Jones (with helmet), unknown, a Ball sister, Ruth Hope.

Tommy Ball, another Ball, unknown, Anne Downard, Shirley Jones, Jean Cox, ?Fish, unknown, unknown, unknown, Ernie Hope, unknown.

Do you recognise yourself or anyone else here? Do you remember this party? Can you share any memories of this time? If you can share with us, please leave a comment below.

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  • What about the elderly couple in the right hand windows?

    By Stefan Bremner-Morris (13/12/2012)
  • I lived in the street above Rugby Place and was only two and a bit when this photo was taken. I easily recognise Pauline Jones and her sister Shirley, and Ray Cox with his artificial leg. Was Anne Downard the sister of Jimmy Downard. Lovely photo. Mike Peirson.

    By Mick Peirson (14/12/2012)
  • Stefan, although the two old ladies were “fixtures” so to speak, I could not name them at all. I do know that they were very pleasant and obviously must have been jolly pleased the horrid war was finally over. Perhaps when I find the actual house numbers, I may be able to get their names from a Kelly’s directory. As well as this picture, the photographer (from the Herald I believe) took a similar one of the parents and adults. Much to my chagrin, it has not surfaced since 1980s Mick, yes a nice picture – especially of Margot clearing her nose! A print was already in my class (before ever seeing it) at St Mark’s being passed around with hoots of laughter! They (especially the girls) were laughing at me BLH corner! There were four Downard children at number 24: Sheila, Anne, Bobby and Jimmy.

    By Brian Hatley (18/12/2012)
  • Thanks for that Brian. I went to school with Jimmy Downard and Pauline Jones. Jimmy was as thin as a whip. It might sound a bit daft today but we had absolutely hours of fun with Jimmy at school at St. John the Baptist. We would play ghosts as we called it, and Jimmy was the ghost. He scared us like mad as he always appeared when we least expected him to, walking on his hands. He was an expert at this and would have us running scared in play and howling with laughter at the same time. Best of times.

    By Mick Peirson (19/12/2012)
  • I remember L.A.Whites the bakers on the corner. I lived in 26 Manor Road and one of my chores was to walk to the bakers for the bread. I used to eat some on the way home.

    By Vic Fulker (22/12/2012)
  • My dad was Johnny Ball; he lived in Rugby Place in the 1940s. I’m having trouble identifying him; could anyone point out which child he may be thank you.

    By Dean Ball (25/01/2014)
  • Dean, the Balls in the picture are all to the right. The youngest boy is behind me (bottom right) looking to his left (it was dust-cart day and they were making a fine old row with our galvanised dustbins, just out of sight). I think he was Johnny. I lived in fear of him, because he always wanted to set about me (frequently). Behind him is Ruth Hope (hand up to mouth) and to her right are three more Balls, I think the first is Tommy but can’t remember the sister’s name (wearing the military cap) nor the next brother. It might have been one more older brother, but there was a younger sister, neither of whom were in the picture.

    By Brian Hatley (24/02/2014)
  • Hi Brian, thank you for your reply. My dad had an older brother called Robin. Also one of his sisters was called Sally. These are maybe the two in the picture. Thank you for your help. I could listen all day about the old times – it’s interesting.

    By Dean Ball (26/02/2014)
  • Ps Brian did you know the Ball family very well?

    By Dean Ball (27/02/2014)
  • Dean, Johnny Ball was my contemporary and were both at St Mark’s. But not pals, as you will gather from my aforementioned remarks! I certainly didn’t know them well, to me they were simply “the Balls” at number 8. Rather too close to my best friend (John Darby no 12) for my liking! I think all the Ball children (your aunts and uncles) except one younger sister are in the picture. ‘Robin’ rings a bell, and I now believe he is the fourth from right at the back. In the mid-80’s early one morning I was surprised to recognise him (after 30 years) waiting in the street at Southwick for a lift to work. He reminded me of all their names, but of course didn’t take it in apart from Johnny (your father) who apparently had died quite young.          

    By Brian Hatley (20/03/2014)
  • Thanks again Brian for your comments. My dad died in 1982 aged only 45,that’s why this page is so special to me. I’ve missed my time growing up without Dad but its great to see how his early days started. 

    By Dean Ball (22/03/2014)
  • Amazed to see this photograph. It’s me! Sixth from bottom right with the mop of curly hair (listed as unknown). I remember Ralph, David and Gwen Harries as their mother Nan was a long time friend of my Mum Dorothy (known as Doll). I started school at Whitehawk Infants, then transferred to St.Mark’s. Our family then moved to Hollingbury in 1948 and I then attended Carden Junior School. I believe that the lad dressed as a Beefeater was David Harries, brother of Ralph and Gwen.

    By Dave Cresdee (09/05/2015)
  • Hi all – a bit late coming to the party. Thats my Mum, Gwen Harries in the photo and my uncles Dave and Ralph there too. Sadly my mum passed away 13 Nov 2015 and Dave and Ralph are no longer with us. Marion Forrest was a great of my mum and now lives in New Zealand. I’ll send Marion this photo. Cheers

    By Jeff Haynes (15/04/2016)
  • Hi Jeff, glad to see a new comment on this page.

    By Dean Ball (16/04/2016)
  • I was wondering if anyone could help from this page. Quite a while ago Brian Hatley said when this photo was taken there was also one of the adults as well. Does anyone know how I would go about finding a copy of this? Would the Keep be a good place to start?

    By Dean Ball (08/06/2016)
  • In answer to Dean Ball (10/06/2016), the Argus has this photo on their website entitled 70 year ago today. You may be able to purchase a copy from them. Hope this helps. 

    By Dave Cresdee (20/07/2016)
  • Thank you Dave for your help.

    By Dean Ball (21/07/2016)
  • To Jeff Haynes: You can see your Mum-to-be in the group picture on Whitehawk Secondary for Girls page and also at Manor Farm Youth Club. Along with her brothers Ralph and Dave, they were my pals in the street. I well remember the Forests (Marion, ‘Drew and parents) emigrating to New Zealand. Was very friendly with them as children, and often stayed overnight in their basement sitting room during the Blitz. I would love to know if Marion (or ‘Drew) inherited an original Edison phonograph complete with cylindrical records that their mother was quick to rescue from a pile of clutter in the street from a deceased lady known to us as Miss Maude. I was very peeved at the time that she beat me to it!

    By Brian Hatley (18/11/2016)

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