Notes and queries: Who was St Aubyn?


“Who was St Aubyns? Why St Aubyns, Hove and St Aubyns Rd, Portslade? And another in Fishersgate? Why three references to him in such close proximity?”

Honest Phil, 44, learning the “Knowledge”
Sent to website by e-mail 23/10/02

Response 1:

“I don’t have a definitive answer, but I put the question to the learned historian Trevor Povey and he said this:

‘Confusing isn’t it? St Aubyn seems to have given his name to roads in Hove, Portslade and Fishersgate.

We could be talking about places being named after the place, as the Duke of St Aubyn’s (Hertfordshire) had land hereabouts; a school in Rottingdean is certainly connected to the family. St Alban (Aubyn) does not feature strongly even in church lists. However, here is a bit which may be of interest:

‘Albinus, also known as Aubin, entered the monastery of Tincillac when a youth, was elected Abbot when he was thirty-five, and was named Bishop of Angers in 529. He was known for his generosity to the sick and the indigent, widows, and orphans, for his work in ransoming slaves, and for his holiness and the many miracles he is reputed to have performed both during his lifetime and after his death. His feast day is March 1.’

The inn ‘The Travellers Joy’ (which used to be next to the Dreadnought Garage) was rebuilt and renamed the St Aubyn’s Hotel.”

I’ll let you know if I find a definitive answer.”

Ray Hamblett
My Brighton and Hove volunteer
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  • The St Aubyns Hotel closed in 2002 and became The Alibi pub.

    By Anonymous (25/11/2003)

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