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  • The building on the left hand side of this photo at the end of the street is the old St John the Baptist RC junior school. This is now called the Fitzherbert Centre. The St John the Baptist School is now in Whitehawk Hill Road.

    By John Leach (01/09/2005)
  • It was amazing to stumble across these pictures that bring back so many memories. I was a student at Sussex Uni in the late ’60s and stayed in student accommodation in St Georges Terrace in ’67/68. About ten students lived in Rodney House on the north side, next to a cats’ home, and about the same number were in the annexe on the south side, including me. Seeing the ’60s picture brings it all back!

    By John Clayton (18/04/2006)
  • I am searching for 54 St George Street. Does this no longer exist? Your list only gives St George’s Road and St George’s Terrace.

    By Pamela Burton (20/07/2008)
  • I have looked on an old map of Brighton. I can not find a St George Street. There is a George Street Brighton and a George Street Hove. The one in Brighton is off St James’s street. The one in Hove is off Church Road.

    By John Leach (22/09/2008)
  • I think Pelham Street Brighton was once called St George’s Street, I’m sure it’s name was changed. There are many streets and roads in Brighton that were changed to famous people of the time.

    By Michael Brittain (15/06/2009)
  • I had a relative who was born at St George’s Street, Brighton. I’m sure it was off of Trafalgar Street near the bottom.

    By Carol Homewood (03/11/2009)
  • I have a copy of the 1840 census and my GGG grandfather lived at 109 St George Street Brighton. His son lived at 11 Trafalgar St and he later died aged 74 at 1 Tidy Street. So St Georges Street must have been around that area. If anyone finds out where it was I would love to know.

    By shirley Lucas (30/01/2010)
  • I lived in Rodney House in 1969/70 as a student at Sussex. Think it was 12 St George’s Terrace. Went back in 2005 with my best friend from those days, Mike Davies, and took a picture outside. The place was up for sale. It was owned by Mr and Mrs Greenwood per the letter I have from those days! Our Football team was Rodney Acedemicals! The team made up of those from both Guest Houses. Sorry doesn’t help anyone else, but brings back memories for me!

    By Alan Fielon (04/04/2010)
  • In answer to my comment of 15/06/2009; I do now believe Pelham Street was once called St Georges Street. The location links with the comments of Shirley Lucas about her family who lived in that area. The main A23 between Trafalgar St and Gloucester St is called St Georges Place, so there is another name link in the area. One of the reasons the street name may have changed is because at about the time the York Place schools were built, Henry Pelham the 3rd Earl of Chichester was Lord Lieutenant of Sussex. The eastern side of the now Pelham St is the rear perimeter of the school buildings. It was not uncommon for local streets to be named or renamed after dignataries of the day, especially if they were asked to declare new institutional buildings open.

    By Michael Brittain (04/01/2012)
  • Hi Michael, you are perfectly correct that St. George’s Street was renamed to Pelham Street around 1877. Regards, Andy.

    By Andy Grant (05/01/2012)

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