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Remembering the lamplighters and the sweet shop

February 7th, 1935. This shows almost the full length of Nelson Street street looking towards the Lion and Unicorn Inn in Sussex Street. Click on the photo to open a large version in a new window
Image reproduced with kind permission of The Regency Society and The James Gray Collection

I was born in 1927

My grandfather was Charles Alfred Harriott (1868-1950) and my grandmother was Charlotte Harriott (1869-1936). Sometimes known as Paine, my grandfather had the fruiterers and greengrocers shop on the corner of Sussex Street and Nelson Street, the address was 116 Sussex Street. where I was born in 1927. The greengrocers shop fronted Nelson Street, and there was also a basement fronting Sussex Street, from where he sold coal. Just before the demolition he got a lock-up place in Sussex Terrace which was run by his son Leonard.

Gas lit street lamps

On the other corner of Nelson Street was Harvey’s sweet shop where I used to buy a halfpenny bar of Cadbury’s chocolate. Harvey’s daughter Ivy married Fred Carrington. On the corner outside our shop, was the old gas lit street lamp and the lamplighter came round night and morning to put it on or off with his long pole. We also had gas lamps in the house and had to replace the gas mantles every so often. Further up Sussex Street lived the Gearings; the husband worked for the old tramways.

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Grandad’s Shetland pony

I always got confused with Richmond Street which was a steep hill running between Grand Parade and Queens Park Road and Richmond Hill which was a level street running between Sussex Street and Carlton Hill. My granddad had a Shetland pony called Bubbles, and a cart that sometimes stood outside the shop. The pony and cart were stabled in Richmond Hill where one side of the road was all stables. A short time after I was born my father and mother, George and Charlotte, myself, and my younger sister Audrey, moved to Sussex Terrace for a while. Then before the second war we moved to Pankhurst Avenue, my granddad then moved in with us.

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  • My name is Michael John Harriott, born 8/12/50 and lived at 3 Fletching Road. My grandfather Albert William Harriott and wife Gertrude had the Basket Makers Armsin Glouster Road. I think that your grandfather and mine may have been brothers. I am the youngest of eleven and live in Australia. I have been back to the UK four times and will be back again soon.

    By Michael John Harriott (02/03/2019)

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