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Visiting my grandparents in the 1950/60s

The Avenue
Photo by Tony Mould

Visiting my grandparents

Looking at the picture of the Avenue and the green brings back happy memories of visiting my nan and grand-dad Edwards who lived at number 107 when I was a little kid growing up; I was born in 53. I loved going to see my nan which we did most weeks – my mum, dad and myself, all lived in Mile Oak where I grew up. But when I visited there was still quite a lot of my dad’s toys and things, and I loved to play with them there. There were warships, planes from WWII, trucks and things, all hand made.

Seems like every day was sunny

If I was not playing with the toys, I would go out on the green to play ball. My memory is the same as most of us – I cannot remember anything except sunny days. I loved the stories my dad told about the fighters overhead near the end of the war, and of the time a spitfire wing seemed to float down like a leaf, and then bury itself in the ground there. My nan and grand-dad were the only people we had who had a black and white television. I remember watching programmes like the Royal Variety Show, World at War, and Coronation Street with Mini Caldwell and Ena Sharples. Of course this was back in the 1950s and 1960s.

A happy and relaxed childhood

One of the things that stick in my mind, is that as an innocent young boy growing up in the Brighton area that I never saw any violence, I was totally unaware of it, not like nowadays. Maybe I was protected or something, but I was always happy and relaxed. I do not remember a single incident of any verbal abuse, swearing, and threats at all as a kid, not like nowadays. They were very happy days.

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  • I have many happy memories of growing up in No 27 The Avenue, from 1938 until I got married in 1958. My Mum and Dad and my Sister lived there until my sister and brother in law finally sold up and moved out in 1994.

    By Ken Bennett (19/01/2018)

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