Tragedy on the railway line

I went to St. Mary’s Catholic school in Vale Road from 1953 through to 1958. I have to agree with previous correspondents here about the dubious means of discipline used by the teachers who were all Nuns. Along with most of my peers, I moved to a secondary modern school called Cottesmore in Hove from which my parents thankfully removed me. I can honestly state that unlike some, those early school years were not the happiest as they should have been for me personally.

What a school!
From September 1961 through April 1963 I attended Mile Oak Secondary School for boys at the top of the High Street above the village. What a school! It was marvellous. There was a tuck shop and plenty of sports facilities as well as a good bunch of teachers and mates – some of whom I still see to this day.

Tragedy on the railway line
Going back to about 1955/56 I remember a terrible tragedy involving the nasty deaths of two children when they climbed on to the railway line on the old round roofed bridge which crosses Trafalgar Road. As a child of seven or eight years of age, I had a lot of nightmares about that for a long time. Maybe someone else will also remember that terrible time in a respectful way.

A Maynard thespian near the bridge
I also recall a member of the Maynard family around that time who used to live in or near Shelldale Road near the bridge. I have always been under the impression that they may have been related to a person that was or is involved in the thespian profession, but I am not sure of this.

Do you remember?
It is amazing how little things like this jog one’s memory. I say this because I would like to ask anyone if they remember a grocer’s shop on the corner of Trafalgar Road and Shelldale Road. I am not sure but I think the proprietor’s name may have been Cyril. Also, heading in a northerly direction towards “Southern Cross” before the junction with Victoria Road, some of you may remember there was another very small sweet shop / grocery shop on the right hand side just above the entrance to the cemetery. Does anyone remember that?

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  • Sid Berry: so you experienced the discipline of the nuns – the one that I was terrified of had a St in her name but she was no saint! My mother went down to have a word with her but she wouldn’t meet her. I went on to the Mile Oak Secondary Modern School for Girls and it was the best move I could have had – the sports facilities were great. The Maynard family you mention had nothing (to my knowledge) to do with my late husband’s family. The nearest he got to the thespian profession was being engaged to Judy Cornwell.

    By Pat Maynard (nee Rattue) (31/03/2006)
  • I remember St. Mary’s and attended between 1951 and 1958. Some of the nuns used to terrify me but I remember the Head, Sister Grata. She seemed fierce but underneath it all was quite nice. Sister Clotilda was the toughest and I, being left handed, fell foul of her (and others) because they would hit me on my knuckles with a ruler edge to try to persuade me to write with the other hand. Needless to say, it didn’t work, although I am the first to admit that my writing has always been bad. Sister Kevan was always kind and Mr. Green, the only secular teacher, was friendly enough. We had to learn “Jeruselem” for a singing competition and in rehearsal I got the words wrong and he was not best pleased about that. I transferred to Hove Grammar in 1958 where I found most of the staff similarly unforgiving. Maybe Mile Oak was the exception!

    By Dudley Whittaker (13/11/2006)
  • I think the surname of the people who owned the shop on the corner of Shelldale Road was Green. I believe they sold up and moved to the West Country. My family used to live at 15 Shelldale Road and my brother worked in the scrapyard next door. We moved in 1976 but still have happy memories of the area.

    By Bernie Garratt (21/01/2007)
  • I remember a grocers shop on the corner of Trafalgar Road, it was owned by Mr.& Mrs.West. Does anyone remember the Ivy Tea rooms between the cemetery, and Victoria Road? And Bell’s greengrocers at the top of Elm Road or Tullett’s fish shop? There were many shops in Trafalgar Road and surrounding streets, even a Co op.

    By Tony Clevett (11/02/2007)
  • Tony, I do remember Tullett’s fish and chip shop in Elm Road, also Jack Tullett used to push a barrow around the streets on Sundays selling shellfish. We visited Portslade 2 weeks ago and I was surprised at the many changes. Buckler Street now closed to traffic, also the many roads that are closed at one end. Crown Road, where I used to live, is now one way at the top end, and seems much narrower than how I remember it. I suppose that in the days when I lived there cars were practically non-existent down there. Do you also remember the little shop in Elm Road run by Grace Robinson? She also ran the Band of Hope temperance group.

    By Pat Burtenshaw (nee Turrell) (02/04/2007)
  • We have just moved into 61 Trafalgar Road and have been told that it used to be a shop. It is the only house on our side of the road with an extended bay window. I wonder if it was the sweet shop or the tea rooms?! It would be great to know.

    By Eleanor Bell (05/04/2007)
  • Pat, I have happy memories of that area of Portslade. We could play in the road in safety, hardly any cars to worry about. Jack Tullett was a character, I used to go around with his brother Ernie in an old van delivering fish in Mile Oak – I used to get a bag of chips out if it. Ma Robinson’s little shop in Trafalgar Road with her daughter Grace and son Charlie. I went to the Band of Hope run by Grace and even signed the pledge not to let intoxicating liquor pass my lips. I’m afraid I have broken that many times. We went to Sunday School in Bamfield Street. I went back to Buckler Street recently and those streets seem so small now.

    By Tony Clevett (18/06/2007)
  • Eleanor, I am pretty sure that the building you describe was the Ivy Tea rooms at one time.

    By Tony Clevett (24/06/2007)
  • Did you ever have tea in the Ivy Tea rooms, Tony? It would be great to know what it was like. I think from our deeds, our house was converted back into a home in 1978. When were the Tea Rooms running?

    By Eleanor Bell (06/08/2007)
  • Hello Eleanor. Sadly I can’t remember the Ivy Tea rooms being open as a child, but the sign was certainly there. Incidentally, there was a greengrocers at the top of Elm Road run by a Mr and Mrs Bell, any relation?

    By Tony Clevett (20/08/2007)
  • I lived at 85 Trafalgar Road as a child in the early 1970’s. My great grandparents were the Hobbs and my nan was called Joan. My dad is Barry and he grew up there. We moved to Canada in 1979 and when we came on holiday in 1988 to visit my nan and my great grandad, the house looked just the same on the inside as it would have done when my great grandparents had moved there in the 1920’s. It would be great if anyone could remember the family and get in touch as it is my dad’s 65th birthday in May 2008 and I am putting together a ‘This is your life’ book.

    By Sarah (31/12/2007)
  • Hello Sarah – I am sure your Dad will remember me, we went to school together and played together. I last saw Barry when I was first married and moved into a flat at 83 Trafalgar Road. I also remember your Nan. Please wish him a happy 65th from me,I always thought he was older than me, maybe he just looked that way.Best wishes.

    By Tony Clevett (12/01/2008)
  • I too went to Star of the sea, Sister Dympna terrified me. I also went on to Cottesmore. I started school in 1947 aged 3, we lived in a Vale Road Prefab in those days. The school was in one room with a fire, hot milk and it was divided by folding glass doors; the oldest girl was Veronica, she was aged 16. I have school photos including when my mother attended in the thirties. The school updated and I was still at the school to have my first communion and confirmation with Father Lewes. I have lived in Australia but came back and now live in Lancing but I am a Portslade girl through and through. I was born in Mile Oak. If any one remembers me it would be lovely to go over the old ground.

    By Elizabeth Edwards (nee Carole Newell) (13/01/2008)
  • My mum Sylvia used to work in the grocers in Trafalgar Road (corner of Shelldale ) for many years.  My grandfather ran the Portslade (Toc H) Club every Wednesday night at the Portslade Town Hall. I wonder if anyone remembers him and my Nan – they were Mons and Kitty Whittington?  They ran the club for the elderly people of Portslade for about 35 years.

    By Lorraine Luke (02/02/2008)
  • Hi Tony, thanks for your reply. I have only just looked on the site. I have told dad and he does remember you. He was surprised when I told him. Are you still in the area? We are coming down to Portslade in the next couple of weeks, I’m sure it will bring back a lot of memories for everyone.

    By Sarah Hadfield (05/03/2008)
  • Hello Sarah,I now live in Worthing having moved here a couple of years ago. It seems very strange after living in Portslade all my life and once a Portslade boy always a Portslade boy. Say Hi to your Dad.

    By Tony Clevett (07/03/2008)
  • I remember the shop in Trafalgar Road called Ivy Tea Rooms, in the early 40s it was a little sweet shop. We lived at 72 Victoria Road and my mother used to send me round there to get five fags (Woodbines) – five pence and three farthings. Does anybody remember the Agace family, my name is Allen? We later moved to 60 Crown Road.

    By Allen Agace (17/04/2008)
  • Hi Allen Agace. I do remember your family at Crown Road. We lived at No. 20, our name was Turrell. Also I remember the Pearsons and Whilmshursts. A few years ago we had a Crown Road reunion and Billy Pearson and his brother came.

    By Pat Burtenshaw (23/05/2008)
  • Hi Pat. A Crown Road reunion! What a nice thing to happen. I remember so many people in Crown Road: the Voices, Wheelers, Cottinghams, Huggetts, Pearsons, Dents, and Stanleys. I also recall Mrs Fordham at No.88 at the bottom of the road who used to take her jug round to the Gardeners Arms for her pint of beer of an evening. Can anybody remember the dances in St Nicholas Hall in Abinger Road on Saturday nights? That would be a bonus.

    By Allen Agace (05/06/2008)
  • Hi Elizabeth Edwards. Just read your comment and noted you were born in Mile Oak. Have you heard that we are having a Mile Oak Revisited for the kids born in 1930s 40s and 1950s? If you contact I can give you further details. The reunion is July 27th and July 28th, with loads of the “old” kids coming along to meet once again.

    By Bonny Cother / Veronica Bentley (16/06/2008)
  • Hello Bonny, Yes I have been following on the other site. My son has just moved to Mile Oak so it will be the full circle for me. I was born at 27 Mile Oak Road so some of the people who have emailed were further up the road. Perhaps some of my old friends will turn up.

    By Elizabeth Edwards (nee Carole Newell) (24/06/2008)
  • I just managed to catch up with this site after some time away – I moved house and never will again. I mean it this time. Now back to business. You were talking of Woolsley Road, Crown Road, Trafalgar, Jubilee and Gardener Street. Does any one remember the Maslens who had the shop on the corner of Gardener and Barnes? And do you remember Ada and her brother Bert? He had a funny eye. Ada used to make grease balls for the birds in winter out of parafin oil, the one you can drink. Talk of memories…..

    By Cathy (09/08/2008)
  • I well remember Maslens, I believe they used to sell cooked meat and cheeses, a forerunner of present day Delis. My grandmother used to send me there for wonderful ham on special occasions. I seem to remember Mr. Maslen wore a white coat and the whole shop was spotless. There was also a superb bakers at the corner of Gardner Street and Abinger and of course Bert Parinder and his little shop that sold paraffin and hardware. Prodgers grocers and Ma Robinsons in Elm Road also. Sadly all long gone.

    By Tony Clevett (10/08/2008)
  • I lived at 14 Gardener Street for about 20 years up till 1963, right opposite Maslens and a few doors up from the Parrinders’ shop. Mum used to send me to Ada’s for spuds. As far as I can remember that was all she sold- oh and of course parrafin. I don’t think we bought much from Maslens as they were quite expensive compared to the Station Road shops. The smell of ham does however take me back to Maslens – also vinegar. I must say Mr and Mrs Maslen were kind to me when I came home from work one day in 1954 to find me mum had comitted suicide. They took me in and gave me a nice dinner of posh sausages and looked after me till me dad came back from the hospital. Anyone remember the name of the bakers on the corner of Abinger in those days? Is Alan Sweetman out there anywhere?

    By Den King (12/08/2008)
  • Hello Den, I have an old postcard of the bakery taken around the turn of the century and the owner at that time was ‘T.P.Oden, Abinger Bakery’. I think it was probably owned by someone else in our time though. I believe Alan Sweetman is still around.

    By Tony Clevett (15/08/2008)
  • Hi Tony. I bought a picture from ‘Step Back in Time’ shop up Queens Road, Brighton (well worth a look, loads of old photos). Looking along Abinger Road at the corners of Gardener St and Elm Road is Webb’s boot repairers. It must be about same time as your postcard. In our day didnt a bloke called Walley have a boot repair shop in a sort of lean to at the end of Elm Rd? Here’s a couple of Elm Road names, are they still about? Geoff Edwards and the Green family.

    By Den King (18/08/2008)
  • Hi Den, yes you are absolutely right. Walley Sillence had the little boot repair shop at the top of Elm Road, I dont know if he died but as you know the shop is now part of a private home.There are still members of the Sillence family around. I knew the families you mention well, Michael Green was my best mate and I saw him recently, he had a brother Lennie, a good goalkeeper and sisters Rita and Paula. Geoff Edwards joined the Navy and served many years.I havent seen Geoff for years but hope he is still around.

    By Tony Clevett (24/08/2008)
  • Thanks Tony, you have a very good memory! Didn’t Geoff’s dad die in a submarine accident? Some more Elm Road names for you now Tony – the Scot family, Valerie Ayling, Margaret Stamford and lastly the Greenfield girls who may have been at the Mile Oakers reunion but I don’t see why.

    By Den King (28/08/2008)
  • Hello again Den. I don’t know about Geoff’s Dad, but I know his Mum married again. Sadly Tommy Scott died a few years ago but his brothers Bob and John are still around, dont know about Jean though. The Stamford girls, twins – Greta lives in Shoreham,& Joan in Southwick. Margaret I believe also lives in Shoreham and doesn’t look any different, almost like she drank from the fountain of youth. The Greenfield girls Margaret, Beryl and Norma, and brother Michael are also I think in the Shoreham area.I don’t know about Valerie Ayling. Wonderful neighbours from a wonderful childhood. You may remember my cousin Ray Cranton who is also still going strong. I keep bumping in to Gordon Aylwood,can’t shake him off even after all these years.

    By Tony Clevett (30/08/2008)
  • Thanks for the info Tony on the old Elm Roaders. I bet I’ve walked past them at Shoreham Marks and Sparks without knowing it! I usually make a point of trying to spot any old faces but then when I look in a mirror think who would recognise me now! Didn’t Sylvia Whittington live in Elm Road? Always seemed a happy girl as I remember. Would her mum and dad be the ones who ran a club for old folks as asked about earlier? Poor old Mick Harvey died a while ago I believe, he was a good lad, would John been about your age Tony? Then there were the Persoa family Norman and Sheila who went to Canada I believe, they were Ron and Gordon’s cousins. Will keep you on your toes with more names soon, Tony, unless you’re fed up!

    By Den King (07/09/2008)
  • Well Den, you keep coming up with these names from the past. Yes, Sylvia Whittington lived, I believe, in the end house next to the aforementioned shoe repairers a lovely girl as you say. Johnny Harvey was my age and a mate, I did know about Micky, Gordon could tell you some tales there. I am still in Christmas card contact with Norman Pessoa in Canada and believe it or not his Mum is still alive.You and I have probably passed without recognition, maybe we can exchange memories some day.The old memories are still very fresh in my mind so keep em coming.

    By Tony Clevett (09/09/2008)
  • Hi Tony, sad to say I can’t remember what you looked like in the old days so I’ve no hope now. I’m looking at a photo taken in the Abinger Road Hall in about 1953/4. It’s a party of some sort as some people have party hats on, maybe Xmas or the Coronation. Anyway it’s mainly Elm Roaders or near by. In the front row is a young Mick Boniface with a little girl on his lap and several others I can’t identify. Next row sits Ron, me, Gordon, Norman, Mick Green and two other boys, I wonder if you are one of those two? Behind us sit Dawn Smith, Pat and Janice Watts and Jean Scott. Others I can identify are Norman’s mum, Aunty Meg Halewood ,the Whittington family plus Sylvia’ s boyfriend, lots of faces I recall but can’t put a name to. Maybe you have the same picture. I remember at some stage going to that hall when it was a youth club playing table tennis and getting the best apple pie from the canteen lady. Wonder what happened to Dawn? also the Swann family?

    By Den King (10/09/2008)
  • I am looking for information about all my school mates that lived in Wolseley and Stanley Road, Peter Scott, Stella and Harold Loew, David Lyles, Andy Mallet and the Oakles, also John and Billy Cockings.

    By Allen Agace (10/09/2008)
  • Hi Den
    How exciting to hear about the photo that you have. Sylvia Whittington is my Mum (I have told her about this forum, so hopefully you will hear from her soon ) The photo that you have of my Mum and her boyfriend ( err… hopefully its my Dad ) with my nan and grandad would be a very special photo for me. Is there any chance of me obtaining a copy of it from you at all?
    Thank you in advance

    By Lorraine Luke (14/09/2008)
  • Hi Lorraine, I hope to get some copies done shortly so will let you know when they are available via this site. Then we can sort out how to get them to you! it should prove interesting.

    By Den King (15/09/2008)
  • Hi everyone, I am overwhelmed at all the fantastic memories you have brought back to me and all the faces I can picture in my mind. I lived at 35 Elm Road next to Wally Sillence and his little cobblers shop. A while ago, I made a list of all the people I could remember down the road so if I can fill in any gaps I will give it a go! I would love to contact Sheila and Norman Pessoa if anyone has an address. I spent lots of hours in their house when I was very young as Mrs Pessoa used to let us bake cakes (often wonder how much mess we made but she never grumbled). When I left school I worked for Mr Mrs Payne at the top of Shelldale Road which was originally Postilles Stores, I met so many lovely people there and it was so busy as we had two very large delivery rounds all around Easthill and Upper Portslade. The orders used to be stacked high in the back room and as fast as we were “getting them up”, Bill Payne and Jack Wells were bringing more in.
    I used to love Friday nights when the men came in with their pay packets and would buy chocs and sweets for all the family and of course their own cigs and tobacco. I used to work with Vi Wells and Peggy Penfold and it was a very happy shop.I was there for four and a half years so got to know lots of people and could tell many a tale about things that happened.
    I had a terrible habit of blushing in those days and Bill Payne used to tease me in front of the customers, I used to go scarlet!
    Incidently the baker’s shop on the corner of Gardener St and Abinger was later Wilson’s bakery, a good shop but I never found out why they displayed toilet rolls in the side window!
    Thinking about Gardener St, I remember the Herring family and Kenny and Roy Poulter across the other side. I  remember Carol Sharp in Abinger and the nice people in Prodgers on the corner of Bampfield St.
    All these memories are great particularly for me as I am now living in Redcar, Cleveland having retired from work and now a widow. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. A special thanks to Tony for keeping this site so very special.

    By Sylvia Carey (Whittington) (15/09/2008)
  • Hello Sylvia, glad you are still going stong. Sorry to hear you are widowed now, I hope my picture will bring back some happy memories for you. I remember going round Postills/Paynes with Ron Gordon to get Auntie Meg’s order. They always got two ounces of sweets at the same time and were kind enough to give me a sweet each! The Herring boys were characters! The Poulter boys I got on with OK. I used to go in Prodgers for my Mum sometimes. Oh I forgot to say, Auntie Meg always scrutinised the order book when she got her order in case they charged her too much, but I guess times were harder then. Where did your Mum and Dad run a club for the old folks? I agree we have a lot to thank Tony for, plus whoever writes all our comments up. Tony should have the adress you require in canada for the Persoa family.

    By Den King (16/09/2008)
  • Hello Den and Sylvia, how nice to hear from you. Of course I remember you very well Sylvia, always very nice to us younger kids and a little shy if I recall. I do have an address for Norman Pessoa if you would like it and I’m sure he will pass on Sheila’s details to you, I bet she would be delighted to hear from you. As I said ,last I heard Mum Vi was still with them. I love it that we are all in touch on this site. You know, those Elm Road, Buckler Street days were very happy for me I was very sad when we moved to a new house in Drove Crescent, in fact I still used to come down every day to play with my mates. All these wonderful names keep coming back and it is so nice to hear from you Sylvia. Den, I would also love to see and have a copy of your photo. I do remember going there for some kind of party and I think maybe I am one of the kids there. Best wishes to you both and keep em coming eh?

    By Tony Clevett (17/09/2008)
  • Hi again Lorraine and Tony. If you both send me an address to my website, I will send you both a copy. It’s

    By Den King (18/09/2008)
  • Hello Sylvia and Lorraine, if you would send me your details at I will send you Norman Pessos’s address.

    By Tony Clevett (20/09/2008)
  • Just to give you a bit of info re. Dad’s club which was The Portslade Social Club. This was held twice a month on a Wednesday evening and I think I am correct in thinking it was almost 40 years that it was run by him till ill health made him give it up. He branched out from Toc H to run this in his own style, but still kept up with his meetings in Worthing. There is a plaque in the entrance to Portslade Town Hall which my two Daughters Julie and Lorraine were responsible for having put up.
    Incidently, the Christmas party at Abinger Hall was run by Dad for the street but can’t remember any date or for what reason. I do remember that presents were given out to all and Chris Swann finished up with a bottle of Brilliantine, quite by accident and he was tickled pink because he was completely bald. Lovely family the Swanns, Brenda was a good friend,and her sisters Marjory and Audrey were stunning. I have been looking at the school photos, also Guide and Brownies and Nativity play and I am amazed that I was able to put a name to most.
    Amazed because I often forget what I going to do from minute to minute. Would love to have any info on any contacts, my e-mail is
    Just for the record, that WAS Lorraine’s dad in the photo! Wait till I catch up with her. Love to all.

    By Sylvia Carey (Whittington) (20/09/2008)
  • Hi Sylvia, glad you liked the picture and remembered it as a Christmas party; I guess the hats give it away! I’m going for 1952 in that case. Can you name the girls sitting to your left and is that Mr Swann with party hat on in their midst? Tony has come up with some names but unfortunately he is not in the photo. I thought Brenda was lovely after seeing her in a panto(?) up the girls school, Can’t place her sisters – were they older than her? Will try and see if Ron Halewood has any good photos for us to see.

    By Den King (22/09/2008)
  • Hi everyone I have just found this web site and your comments bring back so many good memories. Playing up the downs or the golf links, skipping school and falling in the canal. It surprises me that we were allowed to do so much at such a young age but I guess things were different then. I am still in contact with Tony and of course I have many relatives living in the area including my cousin Rita who visits us in Canada most years. I am married to Catherine and have a son named Charles. My father passed on in 1995. My mother Violet is still going strong at 95 years old. Sheila had three children. Now that I am retired I hope to visit Porslade and once again enjoy the charm of of our lovely village. I have been back to England a couple of time on business and spent a couple of days with my cousin Lorraine but there is so much to left to see. Hope to see you all soon.

    By Norman Pessoa (26/09/2008)
  • Hello Norman good to hear from you as always. As you can see this site has had a lot of messages about our area which has brought back a lot of memories mainly from Den King & Sylvia Whittington. I still see your cousins Gordon & Ronnie and have recently met up with Chris Goble & Sam Ratcliffe. I would be delighted to meet up with you when you are next over.

    By Tony Clevett (27/09/2008)
  • Hi Tony, I just wish I could put a face to all these names. After 50 years lots of these names fade from memory.

    By Norman Pessoa (28/09/2008)
  • Does anyone remember the Fullers? I believe they lived on Crown Road across from the old stables. Also the old cinema on North Street we used to call the flee bag. The place I remember best is the canal bank where we made our forts and spent many hours. Is Victoria Park the same as in the old days? We spent many hours there climbing trees or playing football.

    By Norman Pessoa (28/09/2008)
  • Hello Norman, lovely to see your comments on this good old site. I saw Ronnie the other day and he has given me another photo of a street party only this one’s outside, he reckons it’s a coronation one. I will get your address off Tony and send you this one and my other one from the Abinger Road hall. Give my love to your mum and Shelia, wonder if she remembers your mum getting us to play postman’s knock with her and the three of us taking turns to kiss her in the hallway! The last time I saw the Pavilion it was a chrome plating factory but at least it was still standing. The park is all level now, no steps going down from Old Shoreham Road, still trees around it though. Do you recall when half the gang went up the golf course trees, hid and ambushed the other half when they came up later? I remember Gordon slipping and cutting his leg badly in a tree. Ron still lives at number 10 but it seems so strange over there now, all cars and small.

    By Den King (29/09/2008)
  • Hi Den, I think I spent at least half of my thirteen years up the golf course, I loved that place with the sand pit and trees. We had so much fun in those days not like the kids today. I remember going to the girl’s school to play football and on the walk back we would fall behind and meet the girls. One time when we went to school the next day our names were on the blackboard with our girlfriend’s names but we didn’t get the plimsoll as usual. I think it was Mr. Nicolas and he was really tough. He used to pick a couple of boys to wash his motor bike and then would give them a ride at lunch time. Den try to send me an old picture of yourself from the old days if possible. Good to hear from you Norm.

    By Norman Pessoa (01/10/2008)
  • My mum and her sisters lived in Elm Road and she remembers all of the old names. My mum is Margaret Stanford and her sisters are twins, Greta and Joan. Greta and Joan live in Shoreham whilst my mum lives in Peacehaven. If you have any memories of them and their parents May and Charlie Stanford please let us know. If anyone has any old photos of those days and they might be able to send them that would be appreciated.

    By Matt (03/10/2008)
  • Hi Matt – I’m sure most of us that lived in the Elm, Bampfield, Buckler area remember your Mum Margaret and the twins,they were like big sisters to us younger kids. I worked with Joan and Greta at Southlands and bumped into all three girls in Shoreham recently and we talked about the old neighbourhood.Please give them all my best wishes.

    By Tony Clevett (05/10/2008)
  • Hello Matt, I’ve got two photos of parties as I’ve said earlier and would be glad to send them to your Mum if you email me an address (I put my address on earlier). As far as I can make out your Mum does not appear in either one but I’m sure she will recognise some familiar faces. I remember her well as I was always next door at Ronnie’s and Gordon’s and sometimes we’d play together.

    By Den King (06/10/2008)
  • Mr Nicolas, music teacher at Portslade Sec Mod Boys, yes I remember him, and his art of making hand made bambo pipes. His motor cycle was a B S A Gold Star and he lived in Seaford. He never wore a crash helmet. What about Kenny Poulter junior ABA Sussex boxer? You can find the hairy beast at the Shoreham Market on Wednesdays, outside stall. Is he related to Roy Poulter? I see the Cothers from Mile Oak have left a message. What happened to Johnny last known in the RAF late 1950s?

    By Ernie Cummins (08/10/2008)
  • Hi Den.  Thank you so much for the latest photo that you kindly sent me of Mum (Sylvia Whittington). She is currently visiting my brother in Australia but I will show her it when she returns. Hopefully she will be able to ‘name’ the others in the photo and fill in the blanks!  Thank you for all the trouble you have gone to to renew these memories for her.

    By Lorraine Luke (14/10/2008)
  • Dear Ernie – just read your comments 09/10/08. Graham Poulter here, son of Roy. Yes Ken is related. He is my dad’s brother. I’m sure Ken would love to hear from you but alas he has given up boxing. I will forward any message for you.

    By Graham Poulter (15/10/2008)
  • Hi Graham, I wonder if Ken remembers me. He used to get me to bring in his football boots from home if he forgot them at lunch time 49X8E6 at Benfield. Woe betide me if I too forgot them.

    By Tony Clevett (17/10/2008)
  • To Ernie, Thanks for the information regarding this site. Do you think there is any chance we could start a reunion with old school friends boys and girls. It has been good looking through the above comments and I will have a better look over time. I recall some names that have written comments and it would be good to hear from any of them.

    By Ken Poulter (17/10/2008)
  • Lorraine, could you confirm whether your Grandad is in the Abingrer Road photo or not. I thought that was him with the dark tie looking down towards your nan but now I believe it’s Mr Smith,thanks

    By Den King (23/10/2008)
  • Hi Tony, Ken here. Remember the football boots? With reference to an earlier comment regarding the bakers, on the corner of Gardner street it was called ‘Itters’.
    Would be more than happy if maybe we could meet up and fill in the blanks.

    By Ken Poulter (24/10/2008)
  • Tony, by now you should have received a reply from Uncle Ken. Whilst on the subject of football boots and remembering things perhaps we could enlist your help to bring his wallet to the pub at lunchtime as he usually forgets to bring that too. He’s kept it quiet but it’s his birthday tomorrow 26/10/08. All the best

    By Graham (25/10/2008)
  • Hi Ken, good to hear from you; yes, I still remember the boots, and if the old memory serves me well, I also remember you boxing in a tournament in Portslade Rec. Hopefully we can meet up sometime, but in the meantime, by your nephew a drink. Oh, by the way, happy birthday.

    By Tony Clevett (28/10/2008)
  • Hi Tony, Silva Carey nee Whittington came to Shoreham Centre Market to see me. It was good to see her. I saw David Barton at Ford boot sale Thurs 13/11/08. Also have had contact with Tony Harris (Dove Crescent).

    By Ken Poulter (14/11/2008)
  • Hi Tony and Den
    I have a confession to make . After coming back from Aus I spent a week at my eldest daughter`s in Lancing. I fully intended to ring you and accept your kind offer to visit . However it was all a bit hectic and great though it was ,I not only realised that I had left your address at home but I ran out of time. Maybe next time; I am hoping to come down in February. It was nice to see Ken and we had a good chat, he was talking about a reunion and I would love to be there but it is not so easy to make arrangements, although if it was well ahead I could. Thank you for all the photos I have received via Lorraine. I will catch up with you all soon as I see the rest of the comments. Probably like me you are all getting caught up in the pre-Christmas madness.

    By Sylvia Carey (Whittington) (17/11/2008)
  • Hi, can anyone remember a murder in Abinger Road, Portslade during World War II. A soldier was returning home on leave only to find his wife “entertaining” a polish soldier, a fight broke out and the man was stabbed. The polish man was hung for murder. I was told this by a man called Arthur Lipscoobme who lived in the street but died some years ago. I have been unable to find any other information. Thanks in advance

    By David Ansell (25/11/2008)
  • Hi David. Reference Murder in Abinger Road, this is well documented in a book called “Sussex Murders” by David Breffett. You may find a cheap copy in a well known internet book company. The only other avenue would be Portslade Library who are very helpful. Best wishes in your search. Kenny Poulter is looking very fit at Shoreham market. If you want to see him on Sundays he is at the same place but they call it a boot sale, do say hello to him. You cant miss him as he has more facial hair than I’ve seen in Santa Clauses’s.

    By Ernie Cummins (26/11/2008)
  • Allan Agace. Hello Al, long time no see, I remember all the names you are asking about (from the Crown and Wolseley Road area) Frank Hobden, Dave Eyles. both married and went off to Australia, Stella and Harold Loew Stella,no info,Harold, dead. Andy Mallet. lives (I think) in mile oak?, the Oakleys. no info, and Pete Scott, lives I think in Steyning?, hope that little bit of info will be of interest to you, great to see you are still around.

    By pete Winstanley. (01/01/2009)
  • Hi Pete, very nice to hear from you. I’ts so nice to find out about old school freinds. I am in contact with Frank Hobden because he became my step brother and you are right, he went to Australia. Unfortunately his wife Joan died, also Frank’s sister Iris died sometime ago. Iwas supprised to hear about Harold, he was the youngest of our group. I myself went on to a selfbuild group in Brighton off Wilson Avenue in the early 60s where I still live. It’s good to know you are about and have a computer.

    By Allen Agace (05/01/2009)
  • Hi to kenny & roy Poulter, just wondering if we might be related. My grandad was Charles Poulter and he had a brother called William. There were more siblings but too many to mention. please get in touch if you have any useful info.

    By Mike Poulter (27/01/2009)
  • Hello. Does anyone out there know what year the bakery closed on the corner of Abinger Road and Gardener St?

    By Frankie (17/02/2009)
  • Not sure of that Frankie. I do remember it being open, I would think it probably closed sometime in the early 60s. It hasn’t changed much today. I wonder if the old bakery equipment is still there.

    By Tony Clevett (18/02/2009)
  • The names of the two boys who were killed on the railway lines were Billy Bottle and the other one was a Finch but I do not remember his first name. Billy lived a couple of doors from me at 21 Crown Road, the little Finch boy was the brother of one of my best friends Ray Finch and he lived in North Street just up from the “Pavillion” movie house. I remember Pat Turrell as she lived right opposite me in Crown Road with her sister Eileen. They were both very pretty girls as I recall but I don’t remember ever speaking to them. I went to school with Kenny Poulter and was real proud of him when he won a big fight one time but I never told him. Rod Oakley died some years ago after leaving his flat in Montpelier Road, Hove to go to work but he was not identified for a long time. His older brother Denis died whilst jogging , I do not know what became of Graham or Barry.
    I could not make it to the Crown Road reunion but my sister Kathy was there and gave me a full report, I wish I could have been there. If anyone remembers me please get in touch, I live in Newfoundland Canada and have been here for many years but I do get back to Brighton quite often.

    By Peter Gent (23/02/2009)
  • I remember you Peter from school, but I mostly hung out with your brother Colin. Is he still around?

    By Tony Clevett (25/02/2009)
  • Hi Tony and Den. just to let you know that I am now a resident of Lancing and it is wonderful to be back (home in Sussex). I have been here only a few days and already I have bumped into neighbours and people I knew from way back. Hoping to catch up with you Tony and Marion.

    By Sylvia Carey(Whittington) (27/02/2009)
  • Hello Peter:I am the nephew of Wally Sillence who had the shoe repair shop at the top of Elm Road. I believe my nephew by marriage (Alan Phillips) bumped into you in Newfoundland a couple of years ago when he was working there. I have just discovered this site and have enjoyed reading the reminiscences of the one-time occupants of the surrounding area.I lived in Shelldale Road as a child and remember the shops previously mentioned. Of course I remember Tony Clevett too, who has contributed much to these pages.

    By Peter Martin (28/02/2009)
  • Hello Peter Martin,good to hear from you,hope all is well with you.

    By Tony Clevett (01/03/2009)
  • Hi Tony, my brother Colin lives across the city from me. I invited him here for a holiday a few years ago and he met someone and got married here. I will pass on your message soon. Also I remember a Pete Martin, but he was a plastic ceiling decorator and he did live very near Shelldale Road, just around the corner from the Gardener’s Arms. Any relation?

    By Peter Gent (03/03/2009)
  • Hello Sylvia, welcome back to Sussex. Hope to catch up with you sometime soon.

    By Tony Clevett (04/03/2009)
  • Hello Tony, boy was I surprised when Peter told me about this site. I had to say a quick hello now. I will go and look for some old school photos that were published in the Argus. I know I have them somewhere. All the best for now

    By colin gent (09/03/2009)
  • Colin Gent, well I never. I always wondered why I never saw you after our Portslade Rec days. I have family in Newfoundland myself. Hope you are well and enjoying your life in Canada. Best wishes

    By Tony Clevett (10/03/2009)
  • Hi Peter, Graham Oakley drinks in the John Seldon in Durrington and lives in the Worthing area. I remember Ray Finch worked with him at S.U.E Portslade Village. He lived in North Street next door to Dinky Martin who I see quite often and lives in Hove.

    By Kenny Poulter (10/03/2009)
  • Kenny mentions Southern United Engraving in the Old Village. I worked there for many years and am still in contact with some ex employees: Bonny Cother, John Allen etc. I wonder if any former S.U.E.workers are out there?

    By Tony Clevett (11/03/2009)
  • Hi Peter Gent. I am indeed the Peter Martin who lived in Shelldale Road and was a ceiling decorator at the time. Were you the person my nephew met in Newfoundland a couple of years ago? He told me he met someone who knew me whilst he was working there? Hello to you too, Tony Clevett. I see you have been quite busy on some other sites as well as this one. I am fairly new to the internet – only had time to use it since retiring.

    By Peter Martin (13/03/2009)
  • Does anyone have any memories of my father’s family who lived in Buckler Street and Portslade Village in the 50s, by the name of Thorpe? I would like to find out if any of them still reside in Portslade or anyone who knew my father, Albert Thorpe, as a child. Thank you.

    By Peter Thorpe (16/03/2009)
  • Hi Peter Thorpe, My, my – there are a lot of Peters from the Portslade area! Anyway – yes, I knew some of your family. I went to school with Albert and I knew Freddy, Sheila, Peter, and there were many more. Such a large family that it is hard to remember all the names but I think that in later years Sheila lived next door to my mum when she lived in Wickhurst Rise.

    By Colin Gent (18/03/2009)
  • Peter, I lived in Buckler Street as a child and next door were the Fuller family. An Albert (Bertie) Thorpe lived with them for a while, as I think they were related. I remember him very well, a big,muscular man who was very interested in boxing. I believe he was part of the Old Village Thorpe family,s ome of whom could still be in the area. The Fuller family are definitely still around and could no doubt help you further. Good luck.

    By Tony Clevett (18/03/2009)
  • Hi to Peter Martin. Yes, I did meet your nephew in Newfoundland. I was also a ceiling decorator for a while along with Ted Colbourne and Fred Tripp.
    Hi to Kenny Poulter. The last time I saw you was outside the tin hut in St Andrews Road in Portslade many many years ago when I used to run around with the Portslade boys Mick Goble, Clive Newman, Tony Butcher, Phil Whip etc. Those were the days….
    Tony, I also worked at Southern Engraving for a while. I was in the etching dept working with large vats of caustic soda as I recall and we would make metal labels. They always had the radio on during working hours and I remember listening to Housewive’s Choice in the mornings.

    By Peter Gent (22/03/2009)
  • Hi Peter,the Southern Engraving was a right health hazard wasnt it? All those fumes & acids. Rest assured, Mick Goble, Clive Newman, Tony Butcher plus Mick Ley, Bing Quick and most of the Portslade Boys are still around. Although they are Portslade Old Boys now, you guys were respected by Portslade folk, but feared by outsiders. Sadly,the Portslade we all knew has changed so much.

    By Tony Clevett (23/03/2009)
  • I still see most of the old crowd. Sadlly Brian Holding died two years ago. All the old faces were at his funeral including Phil Whip who lives on a houseboat at Shoreham. I remember I didn’t recognise you when I saw you a few years back. Nobody seems to mention the girls in our crowd.

    By Isabel Oakley (19/04/2009)
  • Sorry, the last comment was for Peter Gent.

    By Isabel Oakley (19/04/2009)
  • Hi Izzy, I stopped in to the shop on Carlton Terrace about 18 months ago to say hi but the lady said you were off that day. Have you retired yet? I knew about Brian Holden as I had been to Tony Butcher’s house and he had told me about it. We all had such great times together, its so sad when we hear one of the gang has gone.
    How are you doing these days? And what is your sister Franny up to? I may get over again this year for a couple of weeks so maybe we can have a beer and a chat.

    By Peter Gent (20/04/2009)
  • Hi Peter, I have retired now but keep busy. I live in Mile Oak surrounded by all our old mates. Brian’s widow Margaret gets us all together at parties so we keep in touch. Ted Colbourne was at Brian’s funeral but doesn’t live locally. Fran is well and living in Brighton. I can still see you all in your made to measure suits, Crepe soled shoes and D.A. haircuts! What a great site. I didn’t realise the thread had moved to all roads west. Happy days, boy did we have fun.Let me know if you come over.

    By Izzy Oakley (22/04/2009)
  • Hi Tony Clevett and Norman Pessoa. I have just found this page of the site. You knew my dad Tony, Dick Hersee from the power station. I would be interested in what you know about the Fullers. Norman as dad’s mother was a Fuller. I think there is some confusion with the Thorpe family as there was Alfred’s family and then his dad’s before that. Both families were large and some of the children shared the uncles names-freddie, alfred etc. I remember going to Uncle Alfs and Aunt Dollys in that big house. Dolly used to make homemade wine-quite potent. Dolly was my dad’s cousin and Alfred my mum’s brother.

    By Rosalind Hersee (17/05/2009)
  • Back in the forties and fifties south portslade had a great community spirit. It had its share of dramas.When the Oakley’s mum died Tony and Barry Smith’s mum took Philip (being the youngest) under her wing. It was another blow to the family when Philip went missing and was found to have drowned in the canal days later.Then there was Mick Goble who was electrocuted and lived to tell the tale. Rod Oakley was involved in that escapade. Lots of the houses look much the same. My daughter and husband bought their first house in Abinger Road. Apart from all the cars the road looks much the same. I was still visiting the Mallets in Wolseley Road till they moved in the eighties.

    By Izzy Oakley (17/05/2009)
  • Hello Rosalind, I did indeed know your Dad Dick. He really was a great man, although he had a great knack of winding us young power station workers as I was then, but a lovely guy. We went on many football trips with the station. As for the Fullers, the ones I knew lived next door to us in Buckler Street, before we were all moved to the new estate north of the Old Village. There were Mr.& Mrs. Fuller and their children George, Joyce and Eileen. I know the two girls still live in the area. A Bertie Thorpe did lodge with them for a while and I believe they were related.

    By Tony Clevett (17/05/2009)
  • Hi Allen Agace, I am so pleased to find someone who lived in the same house, 60 Crown Road, as I did with my family, the Moodys, who occupied number 60 from the early 1900s until the early 1940s. I spent my childhood living with my mother and my grandmother in that house from 1937 ’til around 1940. Most of the men that occupied same place over the years worked at the gas works. If my memory is right, I believe that there was a coal yard across the road. I was very young so don’t remember the names you list, but 60 Crown Road holds a very important place in our family history over many years.

    By Brian Newman (01/06/2009)
  • Hi – does anybody remember, the landlady Myrna Turner? Myrna had the Stanley Arms public house in Portslade for many years. Would love to hear from anybody who went in the pub. Also update me of what happened to her or where she went.

    By Shaun Pearson (04/06/2009)
  • I would like to get in contact with Isabel or Izzy Oakley and also Brian Newman. My phone number is 01273 605596.

    By Allen Agace (06/06/2009)
  • By accident I have found this site and it has brought back memories. I lived at 8 Crown Road from about 1941 to 1962. Here are a few surnames of residents I remember from that time period. Wheeler, Cottingham, Scratton, Huggett, Chalcraft, Coustick, Gent, Pearson, Dent, Wilmshurst, Voice, Albon, Moon, Turrell, Matthews and Pope. Anyone else remember these families?

    By Mick Poole (24/07/2009)
  • Hi Mick Of course I remember you. I lived at 17 Crown Road and knew all the people you mentioned. How are you doing and what are you up to these days? I live in Newfoundland now; been here many years. I am working at the moment although I was supposed to be retired in 2003. I only get home once a week (weekends) so I haven’t had much time to check this web site. If you read through it you will see lots of familiar names. Well must go –  keep in touch and talk to you later.

    By Peter Gent (25/07/2009)
  • I came across this site while looking for friends at Mile Oak Secondary Modern School for girls 1945-1949. I lived at 12 Crown Road from the age of 4-7 years  when I was evacuated until Christmas 1944 age 10 years. I came back to live at number 12 with my elderly foster mother. I belonged to Southern Cross church and I loved school. I went to work at Driscolls department store and then the Gas Company. I left Portslade in 1954 but I remember the families in the road. The Hugget family lived opposite us. What lovely friendly messages you have sent to each other Does anybody remember me?

    By Margaret Blythe nee Cummings (26/07/2009)
  • Hi Peter. I remember you well and I also remember your brother Colin, I taught him to ride a motorbike. I had a chance meeting with him quite a few years later in a pub in Hove. He had told me he had just finished his time in the army as a motorcycle instructor. Did you have a sister named Pat? Unlike you, I retired early due to a few medical problems. I have moved around a bit during the years but now live in Portland Road in Hove. Margaret, I am sorry that I cannot remember you, but I do remember a lady living at 12 Crown Road called Doreen, never knew her surname. I have so many memories and stories about life in Crown Road, I could write a book. Thats all for now.

    By Mick Poole (27/07/2009)
  • Mickey Poole: it is nice to know you are still around. Perhaps I might get my Capriola book back now that I have found you? How is David doing? Thanks for teaching me to ride a moterbike. You must have done a good job, I was an instructor in the army for many years. But never did I have as much fun as we did while riding around Bramber, Steyning, Shoreham and many more places. Those were the days.

    By Colin Gent (27/07/2009)
  • I am seventy years old but I remember very well when, in ’58, I came for the first time to Portslade. I had the chance to meet Mrs Olwin Morgan, 21 Trafalgar Road, she was a very good woman who helped everyone as she could. She had three daughters: Hilary, Moira and Joanna. From her first union, was born John (Mac Cormack), the same age as I, who became very quickly one of my best friends; he had a job in a bank in Hove. Several years later, Mrs Morgan had a new boy, Peter: I am his godfather but unfortunately I have no news from him. Mrs Morgan’s husband was Herbert who had been to India with the British army. When I knew him, he often went to the pub, just opposite  21 Trafalgar Road, drank beer and played draughts. I went to Portslade for several years and so learned to speak (a little!) English. Unfortunately, Olwin Morgan died a few years ago and so did her son John, my good friend. And I have no news from the rest of the family. I would be very happy if anyone remembers Morgan’s family and, by chance, can send me news. Thanks to you by advance, and please – forgive my English!

    By Pierre Fayon (28/07/2009)
  • Hi Colin, Yes, those biking days were great, not much traffic, very few speed limits .I remember when we tried to get to the top of Chanctonbury Ring. The Capriolo was not really up to the climb and to get to the top we seemed to push and carry it more than riding it. David is near retirement age after several years as a Clerk of Works with the same civil engineering company. He’s been on contracts in several countries in Europe and Africa. He lives in Hove, not far from me. After your comment about the Capriolo book, I admit I forgot to return, but if you want it I still have it in my book case. All you need now is a Capriolo 75 to go with it.

    By Mick Poole (30/07/2009)
  • To Mick Poole: Hi, remember me? Just found this site and it brings back so much. What happened to Chrisy? I haven’t heard or seen anything of him since you all moved from Crown Road.

    By Vic Voice (18/08/2009)
  • To Izzy Oakley: Phillip was my friend - we played together and I missed him when he drowned in the canal. I have been reading these comments and so many memories come back – some happy and some very sad. Like David Bottle, who was also my play mate until he died on the railway track. Nice to hear news from all the old names like Colin Gent, Pat Turell and many more.
    To Pat Burtenshaw: I remember you very well. I always liked you but you were older then me. I lived at 6 Crown Road.

    By Vic Voice (18/08/2009)
  • Hi Allen and Matt: This is your cousin Colin, so good to see your name. I have been trying to contact you for years and to find out from Kath your address but she never passed it on. Matt, please give my love to your Mum. Greta and Joan, my email is  I have just had a couple of emails from Roger Hunter and would love to hear from you both. It has been so many years to many in fact. Regards.

    By Colin Evans (20/08/2009)
  • To old Crown Road kids: This site is good for memories but there are still lots of names missing. Where are Wiggy Cottingham, Tommy Chatcraft, Mary Chatcraft, Jimmy Mathews and his knockout sister, Alister Alborne, Philip Moon, Stella Moon? I would love to know how you all are at this time.

    By Colin Gent (20/08/2009)
  • Hi Shaun, Mr and Mrs Stanley took over the Stanley pub. They had a son named Ronnie who died of leukeamia aged 16 in 1956 - we were good mates. Hope this helps.
    Hi Tony, We went to the Band of Hope together. What days they were! And I can still recall all the names of who we played with and all the shops in the area. Looking at this site has brought it all back to me. What about Mike Green and his sister, John and Peter Harvey, Dorothy Presscott, Gary and Diane Gale, Tony Lisher? Are Mr Peter’s stables in Abenger Rd and the Forge / Blacksmith on the corner of Shelldale Road / Abinger Road and the old coal yard at top end of Shelldale still there? Do you remember Freddy and Bert Taylor? The two mad brothers went round the streets screaming their heads off at night. The others are Doug Wren, Neil Burton, Philip Moon, Philip Nelson, Bryan Lyons. Kenny Poulter - if you see Sylvia Whittington give her my regards and hope she still has that great big smile. Look after yourself mate. Regards.

    By Colin Evans (21/08/2009)
  • To Colin Gent: Where are Allan Wheeler and Micheal Nolan these days - any idea? Good to hear from you. My email is

    By Vic Voice (22/08/2009)
  • Colin Evans, my goodness of course I remember you and David, what good times they were. Have you been back since those days? I quite often go and just stand there and remember. I still see Gordon and Ronnie around, I hear from Norman Pessoa who is in Canada and Mick Green is still around. Mick Goble had the Mile Oak pub last I heard. I did promise a get together with Sylvia but time and life hasn’t let me do it as yet, sorry Sylvia, will get there. I often wondered what happened to you Colin. It’s good to hear from you.

    By Tony Clevett (22/08/2009)
  • Hi Tony, I tried to send you an email but had it returned; it’s good to see you well. It is also good to remember times long gone - it does the brain good. I can remember it all as if it were yesterday. The good thing with those days is we were brought up with good morals which put us all in good stead all our lives. This site has also found my cousins Allen Agace and Matt who is my cousin Margaret’s son. I am only hoping that they read this and make contact, as I have not seen them for so many years. The email address is You keep up the good work you are doing such a great job. All the very best, Colin Evans

    By Colin Evans (24/08/2009)
  • To Vic Voice: It’s nice to know Philip is not forgotten, it’s sad to lose childhood friends. You must be a lot younger than me so I can’t place you, although I do remember Colin Gent. For Tony Clevett: Mick Goble has still got the Mile Oak Pub and is the proud father of a beautiful baby girl born earlier this year!

    By Izzy Oakley (01/09/2009)
  • To Izzy: we lived at 6 Crown Road and my sister Shelia still lives in that house. Nice to read all the comments from people that Iknew or used to hear about from my family.

    By Vic Voice (03/09/2009)
  • What a great site; I lived in Shelldale Road, in 1950/2 when I was 11 to 13, hello to all. I remember many names mentioned on this page with happy memories.

    By Frank Piner (06/09/2009)
  • Hi Mick Poole - this is Mick Pittock who lived in Gardener Street next to Den King and then in Jubilee Road. I remember coming to your home after school one day where you had a pile of sand and a few house bricks. When we were playing you had your hand on one of the bricks and I managed to drop another brick (from a great height) and cut and flattened your finger. I think I did a runner so I better say sorry! I remember Vic (older brother Peter?) and I remember all the others in Crown Road.

    By Mick Pittock (20/09/2009)
  • Hello Mick, There seems to be an outbreak of Mick Pittocks on this site, Have you seen Georgie’s little brother (aged 62) on our school page and my comments about the possibility of seeing you in Lewes. Den King and myself had a walk around Portslade earlier this year (He lives in Uckfield, I live in Ringmer) and were considering asking if we could have a look round our old school, however, the place looked deserted so we thought we would leave it for another day. There seems to be a problem in that no photos of our final year seem to exist so if you have any pictures of football teams etc. for 1953 it might be an idea if you would consider uploading them. PS: I have a photo taken just before we left St Nicolas Juniors with you sitting cross legged at the front, I will see about getting it onto this site.

    By Jimmy Smith (01/10/2009)
  • Well having found this site a week or so ago, it sure brings back some memories. I lived at 23 Trafalgar Road next door to the Morgans. I used to share a kiss with Hillary behind the large rose bush in our garden. Mrs Morgan was a lovely woman. I was nine when my mother died and she always kept an eye on me. Peter Martin – are you any relation to Terry Martin? We used to be in all sorts, as best mates do. From 1952 onwards Portslade was the place to be, so much to do. You could be off down the canal, up the golf course, stand on Fishergate bridge damaging your lungs as the steam train went under. Might not sound such fun as Playstation, but it was. Remember Jammie Dodgers? Still love ’em. Wishing you all well.

    By Mick Pittock (06/10/2009)
  • Hello Mick, I think we may have met because from 1958 till 1964 I came every year for summer and Christmas to Portslade, at Morgans. I knew all the family very well: Mrs Olwin Morgan, her husband Herbert, their daughters Moira, Hillary and Joanna, and also John Mac Cormack, born from her first union. I knew also Peter who was born in 62 or 63 and who is my godson. John was my very good friend, like my english brother: he worked in a bank and lived in Hove with Monica, his girlfriend. Unfortunately, he died young and several years later, so did  her mother who was a delicious lady, very kind and smiling with everyone. When her son Peter was born, I had the great pleasure to receive them at my parents, in Paris. I remember very well the rose bush in your garden. Now I am nearly 70 years old but I often think of these beautiful years and of all of them: for me (and also for my brother Dominic), Mrs Morgan was my english mother and John like my brother. By chance, have you any news from the three sisters and from Peter? I would like so much to join them.

    By Pierre Fayon (08/10/2009)
  • Hello to you all. After Uncle Ken (Kenny Poulter) telling me so much about this site I thought it would be a lovely idea to contact all who know him and ask you all to please get in contact with me (Dee) either by way of e-mail ( or telephone 01903 620032 so I could speak with you in case Uncle Ken gets on to this site even though I’ve taken every effort to keep him off. Thank you in advance

    By Dee Yates (11/10/2009)
  • I have just acquired number 58 Trafalgar Road – the odd, triangular end of terrace on the corner of Trafalgar and Elm Road. I would guess, due to its strange shape and small size, that at some point it was a shop. Tony Clevett mentions a greengrocers at the top end of Elm, but not sure which end he means? The house had an oversize spiral staircase and two unnecessarily huge RSJ’s installed, I would guess, sometime in the 1950’s. Maybe this was due to a lack of choice in those austere times? Anyway, would be enormously grateful if anyone could supply me with some historical information, however small, re the property. My email address is Many thanks in advance.

    By Alastair Roy (27/10/2009)
  • Hello Alastair, your email wouldn’t take a message for some reason. The building at the junction of Elm & Trafalgar on the north side was certainly a greengrocers owned by V.A. Bell, it sat back slightly from the road which gave room for the display of their wares, There was a window in Elm Road that led to a cellar where they used to take in deliveries of the vegetables etc. It was quite sad to see it converted to a house as it meant another small business had gone. My late father was a delivery boy for the shop and I have a photo of him outside, but unfortunately it doesn’t show the shop.

    By Tony Clevett (30/10/2009)
  • If I remember rightly the Bells and the Maslens who had a shop in Gardener Street were related in some way.

    By Den King (10/11/2009)
  • Hi Colin Gent. Just to say Jim, Jean, Pat and Ken Matthews are all still living in Portslade. Also to Colin Evans: I’m Judy Agace’s daughter and Uncle Allen’s phone number is further up in a comment.

    By Debbie Matthews (nee Adams) (11/12/2009)
  • Hello everyone, haven’t been on site for a while as life has taken on a real “high” since I have moved back home and to Lancing. Bob Gander and I have continued to have a great relationship and have recently celebrated a joint 70th Birthday celebration in Eastbourne where Bob lives. Just wanted to say what a pleasure it has been hearing news of so many old neighbours and friends; here’s wishing you all a Very Happy Christmas and New Year. Maybe we can have our get-together soon after the rush of Christmas build-up is over

    By Sylvia Carey (Whittington) (16/12/2009)
  • Seeing this site reminds me of some of the senders. I lived in Eastbrook Rd and was a Portslade lad. Many friends eg Mick Laing, Mick Goble, Colin Gent, Trev Fosslietner. Could someone get in touch for old times sake? contact @

    By mike horabin (27/02/2010)
  • Hi Mike Pittock. Yes, I am Terry Martin’s older brother. He now lives at Catsfield near Battle in East Sussex.

    By Peter Martin (19/03/2010)
  • Hello Portslade people. Bing Quick is starring at Portslade cafe every Saturday at 13.00 hours. Richard Elms is me, an old lag from the Knoll accademy, Hove, actually sentenced for four years. I had many good times with the Portslade Maffia. My sister Jean Hull lives in Abinger Rd. I remember the Herrins family from  Shelldale Rd. especially the lovely Cynthia, also Lorraine Cook and Dave Smith.

    By Richard (20/04/2010)
  • Hi Richard Elms, are you the same Richard who lived near me in Bellingham Crescent? If so, it’s nice to see a name on here that I recognise. I moved from there in 1958; you may know my brother Brian also.

    By Ken Burtenshaw (08/06/2010)
  • Hi Ernie (2009), just seen your comments and thought you knew it was the Royal Horse Guards the blues not the RAF I spent some time in. How are you doing? Last saw you at the 6th Hove reunion some years ago and several names of past from St Nicolas junior school as well.

    By John (Johnnie) Cother (20/07/2010)
  • Well what a surprise to hear from you John after mentioning your name only as the result of seeing messages from your extended family. Are you local or in some other place in UK? I’ve been retired 15 years spending my time on local hobbies. Now living in Shoreham by Sea. I don’t know if you ever met Kenny Poulter - he is still local and I see him at the Shoreham market on Wednesdays at the Community Centre. Hope all is well with you and your family.

    By Ernie Cummins (29/07/2010)
  • Hi, what a great site, so many names from the past. Mick Pool fantastic to know you and the boys are still about – so many stories to tell. Please contact ( Mick Pittock – how’s Usher? Sylvia – tell Rob to get in touch, I spent most of last year in hospital, had leg amputated  and not seen him since. Hope all is well.

    By Alastair Albon (04/08/2010)
  • Hi Alistair Albon, how you doing after all these years, we went to school together remember? Also Ernie Cummings didn’t you join the police force? I went to school with your brother Trevor, you used to call each other Cuthbert I believe. I was nearly always with my buddy Norman Turner and also Johnny Penfold, Lenny Penfold, Roger (Boggy) Brazier and a host of other Portslade boys. What a gang. My e mail address is if anyone wants to get in touch.

    By Peter Gent (16/08/2010)
  • Hi. This is Audrey (Albon). I lived at No 10 Crown Rd. I have been living in Canada for 53 years and my brother Alastair is visiting right now and has introduced me to this site. Does anyone remember Ron Plaster and me?

    By Audrey Plaster (albon) (11/09/2010)
  • Hi.Audrey, where in Canada do you live? I have lived in Canada for 20 years now and my brother Peter for much longer than that I think. I remember Ron but I am not sure but I do remember you. If you check this site you will find quite a few Portslade folk have ended up in Canada.

    By colin gent (14/09/2010)
  • Hi, Does anyone remember the McCabe family. We lived at 40 Shelldale Road for many years.

    By Anne McCabe (18/09/2010)
  • Hi I am one of the Sillence clan who lived in Shelldale Road during the 50s to 80s. My Uncle Wally had the cobblers shop on the corner of Elm Road where my Grandparents lived. My parents Albert and Iris Sillence who have sadly passed away, lived at this address for many years. My brothers still live there. I (Susan) am one of nine siblings, but sadly lost two of my sisters in 2006 and 2009. I remember your surname and Cottesmore secondary school in Hove where most of my brothers and sisters attended. I am famous now in that my new name is Susan Boyle (not the singer). Look forward to your reply.

    By Susan Boyle (23/09/2010)
  • Hi Ann, I do remember Roland McCabe from school and childhood.

    By Tony Clevett (24/09/2010)
  • Hi again Tony, I remember Roland and his sister Hazel. She went out with my brother Len for a while, but I remember their dad better. Paddy McCabe, what a guy he was, always good for a laugh.

    By Colin Gent (26/09/2010)
  • Roland and Hazel are both a lot older than me. My Dad (Paddy) passed away at Shelldale Road about 12 years ago, he was 88 years old and my Mum is still alive, she lives in Shoreham and is now 90.

    By Anne McCabe (27/09/2010)
  • Hi Anne McCabe, I believe your family lived in the basement of 29 Shelldale Rd in 1950/51. We lived upstairs from 50/52 when we moved to Fishersgate.

    By Frank Piner (14/10/2010)
  • Hi Frank, I think that my family did used to live over the road. I wasn’t born till 1959, so don’t remember that. I will tell my Mum when I see her. Nice to hear from you.

    By Anne McCabe (14/10/2010)
  • David, reference the murder in Abinger Road, contact Richard Elms.

    By richard elms (24/10/2010)
  • Hi Ken Burtenshaw. Yes Richard Elms 43 Bellingham as then Gordon; Jean; Billy deceased; Leslie, I often pass Brian and sister Pat, sorry to hear her husband passed on,  nice man that I knew from hotel. Nice to hear from you regards

    By Richard Elms (29/10/2010)
  • Hello Partslade, all my brothers and sisters still are in the UK. Jackie and Shelia are in Portslade, Micky is in Lancing, Peter is in Worthing, Eric is in Camberwell. I’ll tell them about this great site- all the names come back to me but I was younger then. All you people on here, Alastair Albon and his lovely sister (which I had a crush on) I rememeber them well. They lived 2 doors down from us. Good to hear from you all

    By Vic Voice (31/10/2010)
  • Does anyone remember the Hobbs family who lived in I think 91 Trafalgar road. The kids were Margaret and David. Margaret is my mother. They were teenagers around the 1960s. I am trying to find my uncle David. He is a local man, he moved to Mile Oak then Hangleton.

    By Sean Leggett (12/11/2010)
  • Sean, I do remember Barry Hobbs who lived in Trafalgar Road.

    By Tony Clevett (15/11/2010)
  • Hi Tony Clevett – I have been trying to reach you by email but the address that I have seems to be no longer active. Could you send me your new address?

    By Norman Pessoa (30/11/2010)
  • Hi Peter Gent – I will be in touch soon. It’s good to see so many names from the past - coincidence you posted your comments on my 70th birthday 16/8/10. Hope everyone is keeping well - we are having Canadian weather at the moment - snow unusual for Eastbourne in Sssex!

    By Alastair Albon (02/12/2010)
  • Hi Norman,sorry you have problems.My email is…… hope to hear from you. Tony

    By Tony Clevett (16/12/2010)
  • Happy Christmas to everyone who remembers me - and those who don’t, and all the best for 2011xx

    By Alastair Albon (23/12/2010)
  • Hi all. Anyone know a Morgan family living Trafagar Rd in Portslade?

    By Fayon Pierre (31/03/2011)
  • Hi, this is a message for Colin Gent. Please could you contact me – my email is or if there is anyone who can get in contact with him could they please pass this message on. Thank you.

    By Stacey Marshall (nee Barnett-Gent) (22/04/2011)
  • Hi Alistair Albon. You never did get in touch… I’ll be in Brighton next August, will you be around?

    By Peter Gent (22/04/2011)
  • Hi Tony Clevett, what happened to everyone? I look in on this site every so often but there has been nothing for quite some time. Chase them up a bit as it’s nice to hear from Portslade now and then.

    By Colin Gent (25/07/2011)
  • Too true Colin. Come on Portsladers – let’s have your memories of our great town.

    By Tony Clevett (18/08/2011)
  • Ii moved to Portslade from Brighton in 1966 and lived in Shelldale Crescent until I got married and left in 1980. I now live in Blackpool, but I must say that the people in that area were great and I still class it as my home town. I made some life long friends there, and they were some of the best days of my life.

    By Tony Lidbetter (21/08/2011)
  • There I was enjoying a drink with a couple of blokes from work when someone I knew to be from Brighton said to me; “There’s a man over there says he knows you”. It was a Friday evening, the bar was Nautical Nellies, on Water Street, St John’s, Newfoundland and I did not recognise the man who said he knew me. But when the person said the man was from Portslade I thought it worth a chat at least. Just to be courteous. After all, we were from the same birth place. The man said he’d lived in Wolsley Road and that he knew Phil Martin. “Phil Martin’s dead. Are you sure you don’t mean his brother, Peter Martin?” I replied. “Yes, Pete Martin” he said. “He was married to…..?” “My auntie Jean”, I finished for him. “That’s right! You used to go drinking with them in Micky Gobel’s pub (The Gardener’s Arms)”. I’d been 16 or 17 years old when I used to go drinking in the Gardener’s Arms but I was about 35 years older and some 30 kg (65 lb) heavier, when Peter Gent, someone I did not remember, recognised me across a bar “on the other side of the world”. It was quite unsettling to think that where ever you are and what ever you are up to, someone might know you.

    By Alan Phillips (23/08/2011)
  • It is with great sadness the we hear of the sad death of Ron Halewood of Elm Road. Ron was a popular and much loved Portslader, a true gentleman and great guy. He will be sadly missed.

    By Tony Clevett (30/10/2011)
  • Sadly I have to report the death of my cousin and pal Ron Halewood. He died suddenly at home on the 21st or 22nd Oct aged 74. Ron lived all his life at 10 Elm Road and will be sadly missed by a lot of Portsladers young and old.

    By Den King (30/10/2011)
  • I was shocked and saddened to hear of my cousins death. Ron was an example to the world in his generosity and love of all people, he will be greatly missed, I thank God I was able to see him one more time. RIP

    By Norman Pessoa (31/10/2011)
  • We were sad to hear of Ronnie’s death too. He truly deserved a medal for his unselfish way of life. So many lives will be the poorer for his passing. The large number of people who attended his funeral bore testament to how highly he was thought of. He was a true example of a Christian man.

    By Jean and Peter Martin (25/11/2011)
  • Sorry, have not kept up to date – must look more often! Anyway, missed you Pete Gent last August. Tried emailing you but must have got the wrong address. My email is – would love to hear from you or anyone that remembers me, especially Mick Pool, David Pool, Doreen Breaden, Mary Chalcraft, the Tulletts, Wheelers, Gents, Daveys, etc.

    By Alastair Albon (15/01/2012)
  • Thank you for the e-mail Peter Gent. Have you received my reply?

    By Alastair Albon (22/01/2012)
  • Hi Al, no I did not receive an email from you…

    By Peter Gent (28/01/2012)
  • Hi everyone. It’s great to read all these fond memories over the years. My family and myself have lived at 17 Shelldale Road for the past 12 years and feel a great sense of community. Can anyone tell me whether they know of any wells in our garden? We seem to have an area that seems to sink when the weather is extremely wet.

    By Kirsty (16/02/2012)
  • I have been reading these comments with great interest and have noticed a few comments about the Swann Family and their current whereabouts so I thought I would give you all some information in case you are interested. Chris and his wife Gertrude along with three of the four sisters (in age order) Marjorie, Audrey and Brenda – the other sister Vera was already married by the time they moved there to Gordon Laraman and they lived in the Blatchington Road area – if memory serves. Vera and Gordon moved to Florida along with Marjorie and her then husband Dennis. Audrey married David King from Upper Lewes Road in Brighton and Brenda married John Wren and moved to Upper Portslade. Vera had two daughters and one son and they still all live in the USA. Marjorie had two children- Karen and Tony both of whom are living in the States, Marjorie however came back the to UK and got divorced. She re- married but again it didn’t work out. Audrey had three Children (two boys and a girl) and spent many years travelling the world with David’s work ( Singapore, Iran, USA). Brenda had one son. In 1969 Chris fell down the Stairs at Elm Road and broke his back, he spent many months in hospital but sadly past away towards the end of 1960. His wife Gertie lived in Elm Road until her sad death in 1985 ( brought on by an unsuccessful hip replacement op after falling off a bus). The eldest Daughter Vera died at home in Florida on Xmas Eve 1990. Her husband Gordon passed away 24 hours later also at home. Marjorie now lives in Saltdean but has little contact with the family. Brenda still lives in the house she set up with John after they married in Portslade, but John sadly passed away earlier this year. Audrey now lives with David in Biggleswade, Bedforshire after travelling the globe. By the way my name is Andrew King and I am the eldest son of Audrey and David. If you need or would like anymore information please feel free to email me at

    By Andrew King (08/05/2012)
  • Hello Andrew, thank you for telling us all about your family. I remember Ron Halewood telling me Mr Swann had died but he didn’t go into details. What a tragic way to go for both of them. I remember how us lads thought Brenda was a smasher! And I bet she still is. It’s funny but I don’t recall any Elm Road lads dating any Elm Road girls as teenagers. I ended up marrying a Brighton girl (50 years next year). Just out of curiosity does any of your King family come from Norfolk, as mine does?

    By Den King (14/05/2012)
  • Hello Jania Merritt! I read that, on 22.07.2011, you asked if anyone had known the Morgan family who lived in Trafalgar Road, Portslade. Yes, I did. If you read this, send me a mail ( and as soon as I receive it, I’ll send you many details on all of them.

    By Pierre Fayon (29/09/2012)
  • Trevor Fossleitner, sad news I am afraid – Rodney Woolgar died many years ago.

    By Frank Piner (17/12/2012)
  • Trevor Fossleitner, thanks for your thanks Trevor sorry I only had sad news.

    Dear Frank,
    Sorry but we have had to delete your post. We are no longer allowing the posting of requests to find third parties, as sharing information like this breaches their privacy. We recommend you try Friends Reunited website if you want to track old friends or neighbours.
    Comments Editor

    By Frank Piner (24/01/2013)
  • Anyone remember me – Ken Turner (50, Shelldale Rd from 1938 to 1963) now living in Southampton? Only just found this site and can see a few names I remember. I see Peter Martin mentioned a few times – that’s a face I haven’t seen for 50 years! I make a trip down ‘memory lane’ once a year to Portslade but haven’t recognized any faces – just as no-one recognized mine. Will wait with interest any queries.

    By Kenneth Turner (07/02/2013)
  • Hi Ken, yes it must be 50 years since we last saw each other. If you do come down memory lane again it would be good to meet with you to chat about old times. Peter Martin

    By Peter Martin (08/02/2013)
  • Peter Martin, nice to hear from you. I hope you and your family are well? I had a trip down memory lane a couple of years ago and called at your old home, a chap answered the door and told me Pat and the family had moved sometime ago and he had no more information. I checked Jim Smith but he had moved as well, to Bristol I was informed. So once more there was no-one to chat to! I was on Friends Reunited and got in touch with Stanley Stenning but that came to an end after a while. If you think it will be easier to chat on email I will put my email address next time, I assume this page is secure. Hoping to hear from you and anyone else who remembers the Turners [Ken, we will happily publish your email address but it will be available to anyone who reads this page. The editing team] 

    By kenneth turner (09/02/2013)
  • Further memories of Portslade; this is in the 40s and 50s. Opposite where we, the Turner family lived at 50 Shelldale Rd, on the corner lived Ernie and Jim Brawn. On their deaths, Chris and Renee Herring moved in. Next door were the Martins; Phil, Peter, Pat and some others I can’t remember. Next door were the Cleevers; Bill was the son, four years older than me. Next was Mrs Chill, a rag and bone lady. I grew up wearing the shoes that she collected on her rounds. Two houses down was the Shaw’s shop taken over by Mrs Beale in the 50s. Further down were the Adams; sons name Tony, they were the only one in the street who had a car at the time. Then further down was the big house owned by a family called the Dudinys (bad spelling I think) the area is now the Gardener’s Arms sitting area. At no 52 lived the Royles for a while but the Sillances moved in in the 50’s – they were relatives of the Martins. Going round the crescent was Mrs Enright, then the Morgans, next the Wrens – Jean is the one I remember most. When they moved ,the Cornfords arrived. Carol I met on my last trip down memory lane. Next was Mr Arlot the park keeper of legend. Going up Shelldale Rd at 56 was my old boozing mate Jim Smith who has since moved, then just across the”boundary” in Southwick at 209 lived the Hardings. My best mate Frank who lives in Essex now and we keep in touch regularly.

    By Kenneth Turner (18/02/2013)
  • Hello Tony Clevett, I am trying to find out information about Eric John Hill who died back in 1981, aged just 51. I am his niece. I obtained his death certificate and Vera W F Clevett is named as the informant. I am wondering if she knew Eric well or not, if you knew Eric – or John as he may have been known. Hope to hear from you, my email address is  Best wishes to you.

    By Wendy Birch (19/04/2013)
  • Hi Wendy, depending what you are looking for, I have some information on Eric. If you email me.

    By Tony Clevett (02/05/2013)
  • Does anyone know of a Michael and Myrtle Pittock? They had two sons. Myrtle was from Northern Ireland and she was my great aunt. She also had a brother who may have lived in the area Usher Creaney. Regards

    By Janice Gibson (16/06/2013)
  • It was very interesting reading all the comments on this page. I lived at 122 Trafalgar Road with my grandmother and great grandmother from 1949 – 1953. My grandmother had a sweet shop/tobacconist as well as an under the counter bookies trade. I went to St.Nick’s up the road and then to Brighton Tech in my first pair of long trousers and my new school blazer and cap. Most of my spare time was spent in Victoria Road Rec. playing football and cricket with many of the people mentioned in these articles – Halewoods, Gents, Fish brothers, Les Hamilton, Dick Corrigan etc. I still treasure those years and their friendships.

    By Rod. Marchant (27/08/2013)
  • Hi Rod, can’t remember the last time I saw you, but it was probably at school! How are you doing these days? Peter Gent. Newfoundland, Canada


    By Peter Gent (28/01/2014)
  • Message to Peter Gent: Sorry missed your reply. We were in Gander in Sept 2001. Plane broke down on way to Florida and we had to spend the night in Gander whilst spares were sent from LA. That was on the Thurs. before 9/11 and I here Gander was rather busy on that unforgetable day with some 37 flights diverted and 7000 passengers accommodated.

    Living in Hangleton Way now and am still working part-time. Had an altercation with the Big C but doing OK.

    By Rod Marchant (23/03/2014)
  • Hi Rod,  I also had a run in with big c but also doing ok. I will be in Hangleton sometime this summer. My e mail address is Keep in touch

    By Peter Gent (28/03/2014)
  • Just reading through the posts on here – does anyone remember my dad, Doug Goodman, or my uncle, Brian? They lived at 11 Hurst Crescent. 

    By Lisa Goodman (29/05/2014)
  • Did you hear of Morgan family in Portslade? Pierre Fayon

    By Fayon (10/09/2014)
  • Dear Teresa,
    Sorry but we have had to delete your post. We are no longer allowing the posting of requests to find third parties, as sharing information like this breaches their privacy. We recommend you try Friends Reunited website if you want to track old friends or neighbours.
    Comments Editor

    By Teresa Carman (02/10/2014)
  • My brother Peter lost his battle, and is now at peace.


    By Colin Gent (09/01/2016)
  • So sorry to see that Peter has lost his battle. Memories of old Portslade days.

    By J Horabin (Micky) (01/02/2016)
  • Does anyone remember the houses damaged in Shelldale Road or nearby because of a plane crash in the 50s?

    By David (25/05/2016)
  • Hi Pat Burtenshaw, do you have a brother called Ray who was a good friend of Colin Bowyer?

    By Barbara Etherton (28/05/2016)
  • I don’t think any houses were damaged by the plane crash, it landed in the park. 

    By Eddie Mccabe (17/07/2016)
  • I am trying to find a member of the Thorpe family that live / lived in Portslade. I believe the grandfather was called Alfred. I think my wife is related to the Thorpes.

    By Ian (06/09/2016)
  • Alastair Albon – we are sorry to announce that Dad passed away in October 2016 following a brave battle with cancer and was followed eight days later by Mum.  He loved talking about the good old days in Mile Oak.

    By Lorraine Brown (29/12/2016)
  • All the above makes interesting reading. Anyone know me or my family of Shelldale Avenue?

    By Malcolm Allwright (25/01/2017)
  • Re the plane crash, does this refer to the Vickers Valiant (one of the three ‘V’ bombers) which crashed on the railway line in this location?

    By Geoff Stoner (26/01/2017)
  • I remember a great deal about the railway tragedy at the bridge in Trafalgar Road. Five of us had spent the day on the beach behind the gas works – it cost a penny each way to be rowed over by Mr Harlock. Anyway the five of us came back via Harlock’s boat. The five being Roy Finch, Billy Finch, David Bottle, my brother and myself. Three of us were very tired and went home for dinner. However Billy and David did not (I think they were related) – perhaps they were going to where David lived which was the Abinger Road area. Anyway, on the way they climbed on to the railway embankment and were killed. It could have been more if the others had gone with them and not returned home. I also remember Mum waking us up to tell us about the tragedy.

    By John Greig Harper (06/06/2017)
  • I fell into this page accidentally, most interesting. Spent the war years in Portslade and Fishersgate, as a child. I eventually married one of the Army Commandos, who were billeted with families prior to the D-day landings. There’s another story waiting to be told.

    By Peggie Brady (27/06/2017)
  • I am attempting to write some memories of my early years in Portslade and stumbled across this site whilst researching ‘David Bottle’. I attended St Nicholas Infants school from 1952 and my best friend was David, I remember his tragic death on the railway line by the Trafalgar Rd Bridge. Mum woke me up with a copy of ‘The News Chronicle’ and there was a picture on the front of the two tragic boys. I often wondered what happened to the Bottle family and the siblings.

    By Brian Reynolds (02/12/2017)
  • I stumbled across this page whilst researching the tragic death of David Bottle who was my first little friend at St Nicholas Infants School. The teacher was Miss Evans, and then later Miss York! I lived at 66 Old Shoreham Road just opposite Crown Road so remember some of the contributors to this page. Vic Voice, Mick Poole who I believe had a brother called David, we were together at the Building School, Hanover Terrace Brighton. I remember The Garratt family in Sheldale Road, as a fourteen year old I ‘fell in love’ with the lovely Gillian. I knew some of the Gent boys in Crown Road and also Malcolm Lomas who may have lived in Abinger Road I think.

    By Brian Reynolds (03/12/2017)
  • Hi Brian, I remember both you and your family very well. We lived at 62. I met your sister a few years back when she lived in Upper Beeding.

    By John Simpson (15/01/2018)
  • Hi John, amazing to hear from you! mail me on

    By Brian Reynolds (30/01/2018)
  • Hi Brian,sure I remember you from all those years ago. I left Crown Road approx. 1968 and lived in Fishersgate for 5 or 6 years then in Hove for 42 years, now living in Mile Oak and enjoying retirement, sadly Vic Voice died recently in South Africa (where he had lived for many years) my brother Mick will be 80 in a couple of weeks and lives in Hove. All those names bring back a lot of memories !

    By David Poole (20/02/2018)
  • David, so good to hear from you, and I hope you are well.I remember you quite well at the ‘Tech’ although I think you were a bit younger than me. I worked for PO telephones (later BT)for most of my life and have lived in Burgess Hill since getting married in 1971.we have a son and two Grandsons.

    By Brian Reynolds (22/02/2018)
  • Hi, I am writing on my friends behalf, Brian Winstanley he was a little ginger haired lad with brothers Colin and Frank. He lived in North Street, Portslade. Born 1941. Does anyone remember Brian?

    By Marian (07/06/2018)
  • Just going through the old memories, I remember Brian from years ago.

    By Mick Goble (28/11/2019)
  • The grocers in Trafalgar road was Paynes between the shelldales, as a lad I used to help him out on his van rounds. Every thing was on board including cigarettes pack of two with five matches, bread, tins, etc.

    By Ken Rist (05/03/2020)
  • Hello my name is Denise.
    My mother and father were Sheila and John Elliott…we lived at 66 Trafalgar rd from 1960s to 1990s…my grandparents were Annie and Don Pulling who lived in Denmark Rd…my aunt’s and uncles were Alf and Jessie who lived in Crown Rd…. Michael Pulling who lived in Denmark Rd…my great grandfather and grandmother were Alfred and Mary Miles… regarding the railway accident…Billy Finch was my second cousin …. wondering if anyone remembers any of the above…. many thanks.

    By Denise Elliott (25/05/2020)
  • Hello Denise,

    Did you attend St Mary’s RC Primary School? I was there between 1951 and 1958 and there was a Denise Elliott in my class. I lived with my mum in a sweet and tobacconist shop in North Street.

    By Dudley Whittaker (28/05/2020)
  • Does anyone remember a Mona and Ken Saunders who, in the early 1960s, ran the grocery shop on the corner of Trafalgar Road and Shelldale Road if I remember rightly? They were from Australia. Ken was well known for driving his beloved post-war Daimler which he used for home deliveries. One winter, there was a sudden freeze and he was distraught to discover that the water in the radiator froze, which cracked the cylinder block despite the car being in the garage adjacent to the shop.

    By Ralph Reeves-Saunders (08/12/2020)
  • I remember April 1963 very clearly. We were living in the Lewes Road Barracks, and my heavily pregnant wife Liz had great difficulty getting around with our two year old daughter Mandy. It was quite dangerous as the snow seemed to be there forever.

    Our Philip arrived on 11 April 1963 which was both a great relief and a joy. He was 58 yesterday, which shows how time flies. I was born in Stanford Road in March 1937, and was serving in the Royal Army Pay Corps in 1963.

    By Tony Hollis (12/04/2021)
  • I remember Sister Grata very well as head mistress of St. Mary’s primary school vale road. I got the cane from her once in 1962 because I missed benediction on a Wednesday after school as I had to go to the dentist.

    By John Senders (21/11/2021)
  • Sad to say that Jean Martin, wife of Peter and my aunt, passed away today after a fairly lengthy battle with cancer, which she fought very bravely. RIP Jean.

    By Alan Phillips (21/11/2021)
  • Great page! I’m Malcolm Allwright of Shelldale Avenue,I still live there.


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