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Memories of the war years

Many happy days

I remember Trafalgar Terrace very well. My good friend Eddie Bryant lived there. He and I used to go fishing as kids and shared many happy days. I remember Eddie Bryant’s father building an air raid shelter in his garden. There were several of us and we used to play games in it. There were iron railings in front of the gardens that were broken down and carted away for the war effort; this was during the 1939/45 war.

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Trafalgar Terrace

Trafalgar Terrace

I remember the ‘sweet shop’

I lived just around the corner in a flat above Whale & Co. tobacconist on the corner of Over Street. The shop in question has gone through many changes. A second hand book shop, an up market store for elegant ‘bits and pieces’ and is now a bicycle shop. At the corner of the Trafalgar Street entrance, there was a ‘sweet shop’ as we called them in those far off days, with great big glass jars full of sweets. The sweet shop also had a ‘Penny Punch’, where you paid a penny and pushed a thin brass rod through one of the many holes in a box to win a prize. I once won a great big bar of chocolate but usually you ended up with a small sweet.

Do you remember?

Do you have any memories of this area? Do you remember your local sweet shop having a ‘Penny Punch? If you can share your memories with us, please leave a comment below.

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