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Secondhand shop in the 1960s

The photograph here was taken in Upper Lewes Road where my family have lived since sometime in the 1920s.

This picture was taken some time in the 1960s and my grandfather Frederick Chapman can be seen standing on the right. At the time this picture was taken the house was owned by Mr & Mrs Eldridge who rented out the shop to to a gentleman who sold second hand furniture and lived in Saltdean. He can be seen standing in the left of the picture. After the second hand furniture shop closed the shop became a betting shop before reverting to a residence somtime in the 1970’s.

Secondhand furniture shop in Upper Lewes Road
From the private collection of Graham Robinson

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  • Looks like early 1960s judging by the car, nice to see the advert on the left for the old Gaiety Cinema!

    By Peter Groves (23/03/2009)
  • The shop was a bookmakers well into the 1980s when it was rented by my then father in law, Dave Bonwick. He converted it back into a residence sometime in the early 1990s.

    By Neil Underhill (24/03/2009)
  • I used to live at 132 Upper Lewes Road in the mid to late 1950s. I remember the corner sweet shop (top of St Paul’s Street) where I used to buy me and my mum an ice cream before watching the very first episodes of Coronation Street.

    By Janet Hunt (nee Pain) (27/03/2009)
  • I lived at 21 St. Paul’s Street (also a one time corner shop at the junction with Park Crescent Road) 1959 – 1971. The Upper Lewes Road corner sweet shop mentioned by Mrs Janet Hunt on this page was owned by a family named Cripps, although for much of the time I lived in the area it was tenanted by a family by the name of Miles. Shortly before I moved away in mid 1971 Mrs Cripps was once again running it in person. It may also be possible that Janet Pain was in the same class as myself at Fairlight Junior School? The name is certainly familiar. I was there 1960 – 1964. I was known as Terence Ritchie in those days. I vaguely remember the second hand furniture shop in the picture. Was this at the northern end of the Upper Lewes Road, possibly on the corner with Edinburgh Road?

    By Hugh Hazelton (08/07/2009)
  • It looks like it’s on the corner of Caladonian Road – the opposite to what’s now a cafe. A few doors to the left just out of shot is the Martha Gunn public house.

    By Andy Crook (05/11/2010)
  • I should have clarified the location when I submitted the picture. It is at the corner of St Mary Magdalene Street and Upper Lewes Road. Opposite nos 30/31 Upper Lewes Road. The Eldridges lived in the house for many years.

    By Graham Robinson (31/12/2010)
  • Yes, I did go to Fairlight Junior School (whisked away from St Martins school in Lewes Road due, my mum felt, to too much religion and not enough learning!) on to Margaret Hardy School in London Road. I only remember a few teachers from Fairlight, Mr Viney – music, Mr Tomlinson – geography. I don’t live in Brighton now but do love to go back to the area and reminisce. I don’t know why the dates on these comments are years out of date? I put my last comment in about Upper Lewes Road end of January 2012.

    By Jan (04/02/2012)
  • The name Janet Pain rings a bell as it should. I lived at 133 Upper Lewes Road from 1950-1961 when I went to sea, my mother Norah Black and sister Veronica lived there until 1968. I still have a cabinet from Ray’s that my mother bought there, I keep old 78 records in it. Batchelor’s Grocers was at the corner of St Paul’s Street and Etheringtons greengrocers at the other end of the block.

    By Richard Black (25/05/2012)
  • I’d like to reproduce this pick belonging to Graham Robinson in our community newsletter – the Round Hill Reporter – but don’t know how to contact him.  Can anyone help?

    Editor’s note: We cannot let you have the author’s contact as we agree not to share emails. We cannot forward messages either as we have just too many requests. Sorry.

    By Rob Stephenson (29/09/2014)

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