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VE Day Street Party

During and after the war my grandparents ran The Miller’s Arms public house on the corner of Windmill Street and Sussex Street.

This is a photograph of a very happy VE Day party, 15th August 1945, in the street. I was only three when this photo was taken, so I really don’t have a first hand memory of the event.

If you can recognise yourself or anyone else, or have any memories of this happy day, please leave a comment below.

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VE Day in Windmill Street
From the private collection of Ann Round

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  • I am somewhat confused about your photograph. I was born in Windmill Street at the start of the war, and I have a photo of the street party that I attended at the end of the war. I just do not recognise anybody in your photo. I have a feeling that there must have been two street parties. The party that I attended was at the top of the street as I lived at no 29 (my photo of this party was submitted to MB&H with my recollections but never published. It was substituted with a general photo of a street party, but not in Windmill Street). The photo that you show must have been at the bottom of the street, just up from the Miller’s Arms. Sorry I cannot put any names to the people in your photo.

    By Ron Burtenshaw (28/03/2011)
  • In my confusion, I seem to have made a mistake. I have retrieved my photo of the street party from my archive and notice that our photo’s seem to overlap. My photo is taken from the other end of the table, and the ladies on the left of your photo are repeated on mine, although they have moved about a bit. Unfortunately, I cannot name anybody at your end of the table. I conclude that there was only one street party and not two as I originally thought

    By Ron Burtenshaw (29/03/2011)
  • I remember that street party well. I was born at 20 Windmill Street in 1940. My grandmother, Mrs Florence Paris, owned the house and my mother and I lived with her during the war years. I remember the table where I was sitting was outside number 20. It was a grand party. Everybody knew everybody back then.

    By Barbara Cousins-Sterling (17/12/2011)
  • Have just discovered this photograph and straight away can recognise Ann Washington and my mother Mrs Mary (Madge) Tree standing behind my sister Margaret.We lived at 49, Windmill St. I would like to see the top table as mentioned by Ron Burtenshaw to see if Rodney Wheeler and Peter Sleat are present.

    By John Tree (19/03/2012)
  • My grandmother, Brenda Webber, lived at 47 Windmill Street during the war. I think I recognise her sister Rita on the right of this photo. Her mother was called Ellen Webber nee Hastier and family stories have it that she was born in the Bath Arms in the Lanes. Her father was Earnest Webber and they had 10 children in all, my nanna, Brenda, now 92 was the youngest of the 10. I’d love to hear if anyone knew / remembers them?

    By Lexie Wellman (11/10/2014)

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