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Wiston Road in the 1950s

158 Wiston Road on the right
©Tony Mould

Homesick for Whitehawk

Reading all the interesting posts here has made me homesick for Whitehawk. I know that Whitehawk has changed very much over the years, with its new layout. Certain roads have disappeared for good which is a shame, but I suppose that is progress and is always going to happen. But I believe 158 Wiston Road, where I was born in 1950, is still there. Our family was my mother, Elsa Dawson and father Bob Dawson, my two brothers Michael and Robert, and me, Barbara. As kids we used to go scrumping, and doing odd jobs like getting our neighbour Mr Ford’s newspaper from the Broadway, and of course there were the newspaper rounds.

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A safe place to grow up

It is true, as others have said, it was a safe playground for children growing up; kids nowadays would never be allowed to do all the things we did on our own. Next door to us was the Hopkinsons, Jennifer and Alan; I wonder what became of them?  Rhona and Johnnie Chate lived in Twineham on a corner. Mrs Chate’s voice still rings in my ears ”I’ll tan your hide!” and everyone ran. I have lived in Malta now for 32 years and was lucky to have found a place that gave my children that sort of freedom when they were young. But I do have very happy memories of my Whitehawk childhood.

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  • I remember playing football for Shoreham FC against Whitehawk F.C in the county League  during the 1970 and 80s in East Brighton Park. How the local community supported the local side, almost lifting the team to wins. Not sure this is exactly the same now but how they both have grown, the area should certainly be looking forward to the future both on and off the field. 

    By Roly Willows (20/10/2014)
  • Hi Barbara, I believe we may be cousins. I am Mick Sutton, my mum was Rose Dawson, her brother was named George. Michael Dawson was in my year at Whitehawk School. Ring any bells?

    By Mick Sutton (21/10/2014)
  • Hi Barbara, I believe we may be first cousins. My name is Mick Sutton, my mum’s name was Rose Dawson, her brother was George, nicknamed dobber. Was he your father? I was in the same year as your brother? Michael in Whitehawk Seniors. Is this correct?

    By Mick Sutton (21/10/2014)
  • Thank you Tony Mould for the photo of my house ,such memories. And sorry Mick Sutton but we are not related. My father was Robert Charles Dawson. His sisters were Dorothy, brothers Clifford  and Raymond. Michael died a few years ago now .


    By Barbara Zammit nee Dawson (18/04/2015)

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