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Coronation Street party 1953?

Wondering if anyone who lived in Wiston Road, Whitehawk, would know who any of the people in this street party are. It was taken just two or three houses down from 158 Wiston Road, where we lived. I think it may be 1953 and the Queen’s Coronation street party.

Names to the faces?
Maybe someone could put some names to the faces? If you look on the page here entitled ‘Childhood Memories’ about Wiston Road, you will see the names of some of our neighbours. In the circled part of the picture is my sister Barbara, and then my older brother Michael, then me (Robert) the youngest on my Mom’s lap, all facing the camera.

Strict school regime
We all went to all three Whitehawk schools, and thought those times were fantastic. It was a time when you had a hard and strict teaching.  I don’t believe this ever harmed anyone. The only things to suffer were your hand and backside from the cane. Most of us turned out better for it.

Contact me?
I would love to hear from anyone that has any information, or stories, of the times then and later. If anyone would like to email me you can do so at: Thanks to this wonderful site, my memories keep flooding back, brilliant.

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  • I believe you are right with it being the Queens coronation. If you look at the picture all the ladies are wearing crowns like the Queen wears at her coronation.  I was not around until a good 30 years after this picture was taken, but I must say that with today’s time I would love to go back to a more simpler time where children could be children, and being strict was not considered child abuse.

    By Stefanie Hoffman (15/01/2009)
  • Are any of the Shipleys in this picture?

    By Wayne Wareham (15/01/2009)
  • Great to see this picture. We had a Coronation party in Wiston Close, which was just up the road a few minutes away from you. Just type Wiston Close in the search window at the top of the page and you’ll see the party we had. There might be some people you recognize.

    By Eric Cook (04/02/2009)
  • It brought tears to my eyes seeing this, my nan lived in Wiston Road with her 12 children, one of them is my mum, Primrose Adams; they all lived at 41 Wiston Road. Does anyone remeber them? They all went to Whitehawk School during and just after the war.

    By Sarah James (neeGoacher) (01/03/2009)
  • I remember the bonfire on the green in the 60s- those were the days. My mum and dad and sister June and Sharon who was born down stairs at 74, and next door lived Mrs Cotton. What a shame they modernised the estate.

    By Peter Bridger (07/03/2010)
  • Does anyone remember the Rolf Family living at 57 Wiston Road, Whitehawk -1960s onwards?

    By Lee Rolf (27/12/2011)
  • Hello, I can remember Mrs Cotton and Primrose Adams, whose son I think was called Johnny. I used to live at number 15 and one of my friends was Teddy South who lived opposite and I think that Jean and Michael Batchelor lived at number 25. I used to help their mum and dad paint their house! Does anyone remember the Wickers, all ten of us?!

    By Alan Wicker (10/01/2013)
  • My dad was Peter Adams, brother of Primrose Adams. Does anyone remember him?

    By Katy Shorrocks (nee Adams) (04/09/2013)
  • I lived at 138 Wiston Road with my elder sister Josephine. We are in the picture on the middle table. I also recognise Kenny Winder, who lived at 140, on the first table. I think Michael Elphick is on the table next to mine. The street party followed a fancy dress parade in the local hall. Fond memories of Whitehawk. Thanks for posting this photo – there are other interesting school photos from the 50’s that may be of interest. Kind Regards

    By Eddie Sandals (03/04/2014)
  • The Sheppards at 29 Wiston Road … Lillian and Frederick Sheppard were my grandparents … then there was Roy, Leslie, Dennis, Jackie and Barry Sheppard … Jackie Sheppard is my mum … my Nan had to leave her home when they knocked a lot of the old houses down … she had lived there since her marriage so many sad memories she had to leave behind.

    And yes, the Bachelors did live at No.25.

    By Jacquie Miller (28/06/2020)

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