Growing up in the 1960/70s

I am Liesa Saunders nee Gohmann; I think some of you may remember my brother Karl and sister Maria. We grew up from 1962, in Wolseley Road Coldean. I think that you might remember my dad; he is still there, at 87, in the same house.

Remember the fireworks nights?

Do you remember the fireworks nights we would have? The bonfire was prepared weeks in advance, and the boys would lure girls into a den in the centre. Some names I remember, Mark, Tony and Pete Parslow, Ray Pollard, Tony Long, and Cliff Wake. I hung around with Tracy Collings, brother Durun, Anne Sutton, Jean Mcnab and Denise Sutton. We had some fun times. We used to hang around the bottom of Beatty Avenue at the library when it was being built. We used to climb over all the scaffolding at the Varley Halls before they were built up.

Church every Sunday

We would go off for the whole day and build camps. One we built near to the old Downsview School when it was in Coldean Lane. We went to church every Sunday and joined Mrs Merryfield’s ‘Crossbearers’. I remember Mr Hutchings, a nice man, also Owen, Robert and Ian Wilkins, John Wooton, Dave Pettit, Lynne Hayden Sue Leeson, Bob Phillips and John Phillips. I remember Wendy Wakely who would have parties at her home almost every week, and we always went. We camped out at the Highfields; naturally we all told our parents we were staying at different friends houses.

The Childrens’ Home

We had the Children’s Home down the road from us, made friends with lots from there; I remember Mandy Weaver, she was later adopted by the Strachans who lived opposite the shops. I have memories of Mr Oliver; I fell over once really badly on the way to the shop, they sat me in the shop and cleaned my leg up and put big plasters on it, they were lovely people, Graeme Trot’s mum used to work in there.

I loved school

I remember Dr Waters in Ingham Drive; I wasn’t keen on her. What about Kevin Hawkes’ sisters Lynda and Christine, Juliet Archer, Sally Ratcliffe. And of course there was the school; I loved it! We loved Jazz Club on Wednesday afternoons. One awful time, Joanne Gorringe choked on peanuts as she was running around. It was very sad as she died, I have never forgotten her.

Unforgettable happy days

I remember fondly, Mrs Ransom who lived in the Kenwards; she was so special to me, used to walk around holding her hand every lunchtime. do you remember the Palm Sunday procession we used to have? It started at the top of Hawkhurst Road, right down to the church. We had a donkey and we all dressed up. They were amazing days and happy days I will never forget.

Comments about this page

  • Hi Lisa, I remember you, and Karl particularly, from the church choir – if I remember rightly he was friends with Stephen Mintram. When you mentioned Robert and Ian Wilkins did you mean my two brothers, surname Wilkin? If so, Ian still lives in the house in Middleton Rise where we grew up.

    By John Wilkin (08/07/2011)
  • Hi John, I remember you and both Robert and Ian. I remember you in the choir, it was the ‘done’ thing to go to church every Sunday – funny thing don’t remember my mum going! I think we were all friends with everyone, Karl did hang out with Steve and they were in the choir together. I remember the house where you lived with you mum. I have seen Ian twice I think.. you know when eyes lock… then you move past and it suddenly dawns on you where you know them from. You should’ve come to the reunion we had at Coldean School John, older and younger faces there and a tour of the school was really nice. Nice to hear from you.

    By Liesa Saunders nee Gohmann (11/08/2011)
  • Hi Liesa, I remember you, Maria and, of course Karl. Happy days and I still have family in Coldean although I now live in Bevendean and my Mrs was a Gorringne and related to Joanne. Thanks for jogging some memories with those names, hope you and yours are all well. Cheers Ken.

    By Ken Valder (03/09/2011)
  • Hi Ken – I remember you so well… always trying to swing off your arm… such a nice fella. Often remembered you along with the Coldeaners… nice to know you remembered us. Happy Christmas.

    By Liesa Saunders (nee Gohmann) (21/12/2011)
  • Hi, I remember a family of Gorringe’s who lived in Middleton Rise, I believe. At that time there were two children Andrew and Valder. Their dad worked in I think a butchers, I can’t remember the mum and dad’s names but think they moved to the Roundway. My sister Margaret used to babysit for them. We also lived in Middleton Rise, dad worked at Allen West as most of the men from Coldean did, mum also worked there for some years till she retired and worked in the Hikers’ Rest. My daughter married a Gorringe from Moulscombe but is no relation to the ones from Coldean. Keep this wonderful page going.

    By Janet Lee (nee Deacon) (17/01/2012)
  • Growing up in Park Road from birth till 18 years old-ahhh, happy times. Running under the subway to catch the no 13 bus- if we’d missed it in Coldean Lane, walking to Coldean School then Falmer with friends: Gill Turner, Victoria Haden, Lynda and Anita Burford (twinnies as they were called) Estelle Jarman and many more. I lived next door to The Dargonnes, so was in Brownies/Guides then helped at cubs, delivering Link magazine for my mum who edited it. My mum along with a few others set up Coldean WI, going to Church, dancing classes in the Church Hall- happy memories.

    By Claire Townsend (nee Pearce) (19/01/2012)
  • Just a little correction to my daughter Claire Townsend’s message of 20 Jan. – I didn’t actually edit the Link magazine but I did type it out ready for duplication (no-one had computers at that point!). Don’t want to upset all the editing team who worked so hard to produce it! By the way I was born in Coldean in 1938 in Park Road. The houses were built about 1935 and my parents (the Hutchings) moved into a new house.

    By Margaret Pearce (02/02/2012)
  • Hi Claire and Margaret. We were neighbours in Park Road for many years. Wendy Dargonne and I are still here. My children were Stuart and Fiona Owen and Wendy’s are Leslie, Stephen, Graham and Cliff. Cliff has climbed Everest. Good to hear from you.

    By Joyce Owen (19/10/2012)
  • My first visit back to this page since I last posted so, thanks Liesa for that lovely comment. I also know the Gorringes as am now married into the Bevendean part of the family. I think it was Bill & Dora and I don’t think Dora is still with us. Incidentally, their daughter is Valda (and not my name!). I also remember Lesley Dargonne from school.

    By Ken Valder (19/10/2012)
  • Hi Liesa & friends. I lived at 70 Wolsley Rd in the Childrens’ Home, do you remember me? Do you remember Jane Trott and Sarah Hutchings? I went to school with them. I remember Mr Stone and also Mrs Rose. I’ve been looking for friends on Facebook. Also, didn’t Ian and Robert live next to the Home? I moved from the Home in 1978 to Mile Oak, so lost touch with everyone.

    By John Seal (01/12/2012)
  • Hi it’s Cliff Wake, I used to live in Hawkhurst Rd. I remember Ken Valders house where me and Paul Potter, Toga Parslow and all the boys used to play football outside his house. Pursy Potter is not with us any more. Sad. All the boys in those days used to get on really well together. I till see Ann and Barbara Richardson. I remember at Coldean School when they had short grass skirts on doing the ‘hula hula’ song – my old girlfriends Tracy Collins, Julie Simons, Susan Lesson and many more . My old mates Graham Trott, Mark Parslow, Raymond Pollard and Robert Funnel – we was the first ones to bunk off from Coldean school and Burrows, the headmaster, came and found us up the high fields. Rob’s mum still blames me! 

    By Cliff wake (12/01/2013)
  • Hello Lisa, how are you doing? Nice to hear you are still thinking about the old days in Coldean  - we had some good laughs then didn’t we? Too serious these days! You was always one of the boys. I still see your brother Karl. Nice to hear from you, all the best Cliff.

    By Cliff Wake (12/01/2013)
  • Hi Cliff and Ken, I remember you well -Cliff  always poncing fags off ya! and Ray Pollard. Mark was a wind up merchant bless him. I thought I saw Paul Potter (Percy) in the Argus recently that he had passed away – was this him? So many from our era have gone. Must be a better place partying somewhere? Ken, I think my in-laws lived opposite you in Norwich Drive on the bend- 155. Both passed away sadly. I’m in the Avenue and have been for 27 years! I still see Anne, Denise and Jean when we have a get together each year but see Anne more often. Lots of people on Facebook can’t believe this page is now two years old. I should’ve come back to check up. I’ts so nice to hear from others and relive the memories -  I would go back and live these days all over again. I lost my dad just before last Christmas (Dec 16th 2012). I miss him like mad. I sold the house and my ties are cut.

    By Liesa Saunders (nee Gohmann) (31/08/2013)
  • Hi it’s Marian Gregson. I had 2 brothers Trevor and Peter. Do any of you remember the bonfires in the park (behind my mum & dad’s house in Hawkhurst Road. Great days they were. Liesa I recently moved back to Coldean after 36 yrs. I remember your mum and also since I moved back I used to see and talk to your Dad often. He is missed in this area because everyone knew him. I know Maria but think I’m a bit older than you.

    By Marian Gregson (08/10/2013)
  • Cliff, I remember you and your sister Jaqueline. I can picture your mum now. I still see Alan Best and his mum on Bestys corner. I moved back in 2009 to be near my dear mum and dad but unfortunately they have both passed. I see a lot of people I remember growing up.

    By Marian Gregson (09/10/2013)
  • I’ve lived in Bevendean for some 45 years but still say Coldean is home.

    By Ken Valder (10/10/2013)
  • I lived in Middleton Rise with my brother Paul and sister Pearl.Does anyone remember the Coronation party in 1953? I would love to hear from any one. Now live in Cyprus. I attended Coldean Infants and Juniors when Mr Burrows was head master.

    By Brian vardy (13/10/2013)
  • Just found this page. It’s amazing to see so many of the old names from the estate. Sadly Percy (Paul) Potter did pass away last year and he is sorely missed as my next door neighbour. Me and my family are still living up here. I married Becky Turner from Ridgeview in Coldean and both my girls love living up here. Sadly do not see too many of the old crew but still see Marion Gregson regularly and keep in contact when I can with Cliff Wake. My old mum used to work in Olvers the chemist and I can remember all the old shops like it was yesterday. Used to love the sweet shop with its counter full of sweets you could buy, like the “pick and mix” you get today and the fireworks in the closed-in display cabinet. Bobby Sutton is still around and I grab the odd beer in the Hikers with him, and still see a few old Coldeaners in there like Eddie Baker, Kev Manthorpe and Anthony Brown and his brothers. Both my sisters, Maureen and Lesley are still going strong although neither live on the estate anymore but I’m sure they would like to hear from some old friends and neighbours. I will keep reading this page with interest. It’s like going back in time.

    By Graham Trott (14/10/2013)
  • I’ve just found this website and recognise so many names, and can put faces to many, at least how they were back in the 60s and 70s but the spooky thing is that Graham is just ahead of me just as he always seemed to be back at Coldean primary. I’ve been away from the area for getting on for 40 years but have stayed in Sussex and my Mum is still just over the hill in Hollingbury so I’ve been passing closely fairly often over those years and showed my kids around the old stomping grounds a few times too. There have been quite a few changes but some things still look pretty similar to the old days. Liesa’s opening thoughts got my grey matter working, well at least trying to, and names from Wolseley Road come flooding back: Karl, Liesa and Maria (Gohmann) obviously, John and Jimmy Baker, Ian (Flecky) Fleet, the Smiths: Paul, Ian, Lesley and Alan, Mark Oris?, Sue Leeson, Jackie Kirby, can’t remember her brother’s name sorry. I apologise to those I’ve missed but it is late at night. I have a 35 name list of those I remember as classmates at Coldean but I don’t have any photos as my Mum and Dad had a big house fire in the mid 80s and lots of stuff was lost. I made contact with Glynis Jones a few years ago and she emailed me a photo of a school play. I could go on and list names of those in the church choir, 8th Brighton Boys Brigade and other areas around the estate, but as I said it is getting late. It’s good to see so many people are still in the area and I’ll be coming back to see who else can jog my memory. Best wishes to all Coldeaners past and present.

    By Steve Mintram (18/10/2013)
  • WOW! Brian Vardy, at last. Been looking for you for sometime now. Had no idea you were living in Cyprus, no wonder you were so hard to find. Ann Bateson and I have been trying to trace the people we grew up with in Middleton Rise; have found a few but not as many as we would have liked. I remember the Coronation street party but sorry no photos – will ask Ann, she might have some. Do you keep in touch with anyone? Would like to hear. Ann and I often meet for lunch, also Audrey Bishop (remember her?). We have a good laugh about the things we used to do in that cul d sac; good times weren’t they. Would love to hear what you’ve been doing with your life –  are you on FB? Great grandmother now,  how about you? Waiting patiently to hear from you. Take care. Jan x

    By Janet Lee (nee Deacon) (19/10/2013)
  • Hi Janet, my wife Carol is on F.B. I am back at Christmas and it would be good to catch up.

    By Brian Vardy (27/10/2013)
  • Does anyone remember the Virgo twins, Elaine and Shirley, who lived at 15 Middleton Rise, Coldean.  They later emigrated to Australia around 1972/73?  If you do, I would love to hear from you.

    By Julia Hyatt (nee Ginn) (21/11/2013)
  • Hi all.
    Marian Gregson, I can’t place you. It made my eyes fill up talking of my dad – I miss him more then words can ever say. It’s his 1st anniversary of his passing next month (16th Dec). I never thought I would miss him as much as I do. God Bless him.
    Hey Steve – about time too. I have thought about you often. I will have to go through photos after Christmas and goodness didn’t I acquire a few – thousand that is!
    Graham Trott – another lovely person who we all knew growing up. I love these pages as it’s always nice to hear how people have got on since ‘kid days.’
    Keep those memories coming – I love them.

    By Liesa Saunders (nee Gohmann) (24/11/2013)
  • Hi again Liesa; I was sorry to see that you’d lost your Dad. I bumped in to him in Asda at Hollingbury several times and swapped a few words. I wasn’t convinced he remembered me but he did know my Mum and they often chatted. On memories do you remember the bale camp fire in Farmer West’s field?

    By Steve Mintram (26/01/2014)
  • I lived in 10, Selham Close from 1957, I was about 13yrs old. I remember a Susan Heritage who I think went to Canada. I gave here a birthday present as I thought she amazingly beautiful, but I was just too shy to go any further. Are you out there? Alan.

    By Alan Cribb (06/06/2014)
  • I remember Elaine and Shirley Virgo. They were in my class at Coldean. I lived at 2 Forest Road. Marian – did your brother Trevor work at BT and live in Woodingdean? I used to work with him and remember him mentioning Coldean.

    By Michael Keay (03/07/2014)
  • Hi Marion, I remember you and your brothers very well. We all moved in to Hawkhurst Road at around the same time in the early 50’s, nobody moved around much then, and our family home was at number 80 until 1985. Most of the kids were around the same age, and I especially remember Barry Ward, Derek Beck, the Gregsons, Billy Pollard. All of our houses backed on to the green, where we had the most fantastic bonfires on Nov 5th.

    By John Feek (21/08/2014)
  • Hi John and Marion, I remember lots of names mentioned and still bump into lots of old faces. ( Ken Valder at the Amex) .My Father has now passed away but Mum lives in the town centre and is still going strong at 88. Unfortunately all of my brothers and sisters had to go to a catholic School St Josephs in Davey Drive, then onto Fitzherbert in Woodingdean. I really wanted to go to Coldean school , and then onto Falmer, but it wasn’t to be.  We had some good times growing up but that was tarnished by my father’s drinking – I think it affected us all, and wish we could have had a normal childhood. Kazik my brother ended up living at 68 Hawkhurst Rd with his wife Sue, and children Darren (Spike) and Lynsey. Sadly Spike passed away suddenly (only 38) last year. The bonfire times and playing football on Sundays were some of the better times. I can remember Hilary Spicer breaking his wrist while in goal, from a shot from Ken, Peter Parsloe, Toga ,Mark, Glen Stracy, Christopher Feake, all The Wards who lived next to us, Tony Long and Karl. Sometimes we would go down to play in Wild Park.

    By Jozef Kis (05/09/2014)
  • Hi Joe, always good to see you around and I loved those Sundays in Haig Avenue, hour after hour playing football whatever the weather.  It was actually Graham Beattie’s arm I broke, he was the little brother of Ian and too young really to be playing with us. Some years later I met him at an Albion match, he towered over me and told me who he was and about that incident! I sometimes see him around town now, a good lad.  I bumped into Kax’s Sue a few weeks back and she told me about Spike. Although I didn’t really know him, it was all very tragic all the same. Anyway, see you at The Amex!

    By Ken Valder (09/09/2014)
  • Hi, I don’t know where to start. I stumbled across this site looking up info about the area my gran stayed in and couldn’t believe how many names I remembered. Tony Long, Kev Manthorpe, The Smith family, Karl, Kazik, Sue, Tracy and of course Anne Sutton. I lived initially in Moulscombe Rd and used to frequent the Hikers Rest where I met most of the people mentioned. I was known as Rab cause I was Scottish and played darts. Does anyone remember me?

    By Alan Commons (23/11/2014)
  • Wow, it’s unbelievable the names I recognise from these posts. My family and I lived at 24 the Roundway. We are the Knights. I was in the choir at the church with Karl Gohmann – I can’t really remember his brothers and sisters, (sorry Leisa) but I remember well the games of football on the Roundway, playing with Chris and Colin Mitchell: I think Chris used to wear his Spurs outfit and Colin in Man City with their Dad and Ian Chicken. I used to play with with Phil (Wiz), Steven Strange, Paul Gorringe, Paul Elphick to name a few. Remember the May bugs? We used to swot them with tennis racquets. Maybe that still goes on, we immigrated to NZ where we all still live. Other memories I have are exploring the Wild Park with my friends and brothers Richard, Bernard, Gerard and Daniel. I was 13 when we left. The Beales lived fairly opposite to us, I remember Anita, also Alison Stewart, loads of teachers, Mrs Drake, Holt, Mahon etc. Merry Christmas to everyone from NZ, I’ll keep an eye on the site now.

    By Philip Knight (21/12/2014)
  • Hi all once again. Wow, recognise many names! Steve Mintram, how are ya? Often think of you – in fact I’m friends with Julie on Facebook and have seen you in the family photos. Haven’t changed a bit. We have some photos around somewhere, when I find them I will get them to Julie for you.
    Jo Kis, I remember you and your family. I liked your dad. He was always OK to us, bless him. I vaguely remember your mum. I remember Kazik, Alan Commons. ‘Rab’ I remember you, been friends with Anne since we were at primary school. I hope you are OK?
    Steve Ian ‘Flecky’ Fleet lives just over the road from me, last time I saw him he hadn’t changed a bit. Are you on facebook? There’s many old friends on there.
    Steve, I remember playing in the hay fields with the newly baled hay. One day I climbed up on a stack us kids made and fell down and really winded myself. We used to play bulldog and run all over the place. The banks outside our houses with the narrow path on the top. I remember people moaned at us kids if we made ‘slide’ marks down the banks. Ha ha made the place look tatty. Now cars everywhere up there. Keep the memories coming everyone its great. Love to you all, happy new year even though it’s February!
    Incidently there is a Coldean page on facebook and there are many photos if any of you are interested.

    By Liesa Saunders (nee Gohmann) (07/02/2015)
  • Hi all. My sisters, Elaine and Shirley Virgo, and I all live in Australia now. We used to live at 15 Middleton Rise. I recognise Julia Ginn’s name and a few others. I remember Trevor Bateson, Susan Poundsbury and Wendy Deacon. I wonder if they are still in the area? Our Mum (Jean) and Dad (Ron) passed away back in the 1980s. We got together in Melbourne for Elaine and Shirley’s 60th last year and often talk about our childhood in Coldean, such great times we had with the kids in the neighbourhood. The best times.

    By Paul Virgo (01/06/2016)
  • Does anyone remember the dentist at bottom of Park Road – just up from the shops?  I think his name was Amherst-Clark?  God, that waiting room was scary – and that drill with the pulley drive band system.

    By Michael Keay (28/11/2016)
  • I remember Mr. John Amherst-Clark with terror. I never used to sleep for a week before an appointment. That drill whistling away struck fear even into the strong. He should have had music in the waiting room to drown the noise.


    By Richard J. Szypulski (03/12/2016)
  • I remember Mr Amherst-Clarke very well. Not only was he my dentist, I also used to deliver his newspaper, and it gave me the creeps very time I walked through the gate as you could even hear the sound of that damned drill outside the front door!

    By John Feek (23/03/2017)
  • Hi, not sure if anyone remembers me, Clare Townsend, I do remember you. I think you were in my sister, Tina Harris’s year. Delighted this site is here, wow makes me feel weird really. Left Coldean when I was 22 and moved to Westdene with my family. My name then was Nicola Harris and we lived at the Meads in Coldean along with Stephen Morgan, Tracy Morgan, Tracy Brogden, Paula Brogden, Debbie Gorringe, Joanne Walker, Jane Walker, Brian Deacon, Karen Page, Lisa Page and David Bostock nearby in the Roundway. I have read through comments on here and think I do recognise some names, I remember the twins Anita and sister. I left Coldean in 1976 and went to Margaret Hardy. I now live in Penzance, Cornwall with my husband and daughter. My family still live in Brighton (Westdene) and sister in Hove.

    By Nicola Carpenter (28/03/2017)
  • Hi, I remember some of the people from Coldean. I used to live at 21 Middleton Rise. Times were great back then playing football and building camps in the woods. I am now living in Cornwall. This page brings bank some good memories. Also hi to Paul Virgo. I remember him and his family.

    By Trevor Bateson (28/05/2017)
  • Hi all once again, still love popping back this page full of memories. Trevor Bateson I have often thought of you;  didn’t you have really bad asthma? My sister did to.

    We need some more memories on here, good or bad. Jozef Kis, I saw your mum on TV a few months ago! There was a fatal accident up Edward Street I believe, think your mum was being interviewed through the window. I got so excited! Nice lady.

    I was recently telling my youngest daughter about the bus fares. If we caught a bus home from school at the hikers up to Hawkhurst road (Crawley road stop) it was 2p and if I couldn’t find the extra 1p I would have to get off at the Beatty Avenue shops. We used to try and hide behind friends on the bus so if the conductor popped his head up the stairs we wouldn’t get caught, then charge off the bus so got away with it. What we like!

    Happy 2018 all xxx

    By Liesa Saunders nee Gohmann (04/02/2018)
  • Hi Liesa good to hear from you, I forgot all about this site, sorry to hear about your dad I’ve lost most of my family mum, dad, sister Jacki, and brother Allen, still have sister Kath, its funny because I was only talking about you today I recently found Brian Lee who lived near me I was looking for a upholsterer he gave me Andy Whitings number .By the way he is brilliant at his job we talk about the good old days and how Gary Elphick used to bash him up every day lol. I also meet Robert Funnel at Churchill Sq! god I remember when it was being built! ha ha how old I see the twins now and then, Ann and Barbs we used to have some fun, your brother used to chase me and the boys all around Coldean I used to love garden hopping all along the gardens of Hawkurst Rd and Wolsley rd, yes your back garden! lol well hope you read this all the best. Cliff. keep in touch.

    By Cliff Wake (20/02/2018)
  • Here’s a name that has not been mentioned – Paul Dodge. I got in his cab a few years ago it was good to see him.

    By Cliff Wake (26/02/2018)
  • I don’t know how I came across this site but I lived in Arlington cCscent back in the late 60s. Dawn Wyatt’s brothers Paul and Stewart, and sister Diane, my mum worked in the Hikers Rest. She sadly died suddenly in 1968 and we moved away but have such fond memories of playing in the street and Wild Park. I remember some names, especially Head mMster Mr Burrows, Mrs Hogan and Miss Jenkins. I would love to hear from anyone who may have know us to jog some memories. I think our neighbours were Linda Slimmonds and brother Steven I think. Sian and George lived a few doors along but I can’t remember their surname.

    By Dawn Revell ( was Wyatt) (19/06/2019)
  • Hi, it’s like going back in time. I used to go to school with Trevor Batson and Steve Williams. I caught up with Wiggy (Ian Wilkins) a year or so ago and Anthony Brown was there. It was good to catch up. I remember playing in the Wild Park and Stammer woods and riding my bike up the fields. I also have fond memories of Coldean school. Here are a few names I can remember: Ian Fleet, Perry South, Peter Bishop and his sister, Keven Carter, Mick South and the list goes on including a lot of the names in the previous messages.

    By Dave Tuckett (18/10/2019)
  • Some of your names are very familiar! I was Miss Mahoney then, in my first teaching job. I have photos from that time and I think some of you will recognise yourselves. Not sure where to post them though.

    By Miss Mahoney - then! (02/11/2019)
  • Hi Dave Tuckett I remember you we was all pals me, Mark Parsley, Paul Wood, Persey Potter and many more.I still see a lot of people from coldean I bumped into Ian Wilkins a few months ago he didn’t recognise me until I mentioned what we used to do at his house in Middleton rise 😄 I sometimes drive through coldean and doing so I bumped into Bernie’s dad outside his house in Middleton Rise he says Bernie is living with him so I hope to see him one day, good lad. I have been trying to find a photo that was taken at coldean school around 1970 if anybody has some photos please put them on this site.I see Craig Parsons a lot,I remember the lovely Vicky, his sister.Lived on the corner of Ingham Drive well keep this site going, spread the word, its good to have a lot of great memories from a place we all loved when life was a lot simpler. all the best everyone from Clifford Wake.

    By Clifford wake (23/03/2020)
  • Just found this site brings back good memories.

    By Mike South (29/10/2020)
  • Hi Mick South, I was clearing out my loft the other day and found some photos, one of these was me sitting on the grass outside your house with Ginx your dog and some of us riding our bikes out the chalk-pits on every Saturday morning (great times).
    Hi Clifford Wake I do remember you when we were young teenagers playing football on the green and making camps over the woods.I also remember Neil and David Bostock also Nicola and Tina Carpenter that lived in the Meads and a snowball fight on the green outside your house, I have bumped into Neil Bostock a while ago and Kevin Carter so hi to all of you on this site and before I go I do remember miss Mahoney from Coldean school. Please everyone out there make more comments as this will bring old friends together.

    By David Tuckett (08/11/2020)
  • Nice to hear from you David have you still got your curls? lol would be good to all have a get together before none of us are left maybe a reunion back at the old school it still looks the same. My finger has never been the same since it was slammed in those great big doors that lead on to the the play ground 🤔

    By Clifford wake (15/11/2020)
  • Seems like there is a lot of pictures out there, can we get them on and how?

    By Clifford wake (08/12/2020)
  • It’s Cliff again, does anyone know what happened to Ian Carter Kev’s brother, haven’t heard from him for years or Allen Lanaway plus his sisters I remember one of the sisters going out with a chap called Steve who used to drive a three wheel orange bond bug,I thought that was cool then, lol does anyone remember Steven Bushby and his sisters who lived in ashburnham drive I think they all moved to Australia 🤔and also Stephen Wolstenholm I don’t think that’s how you spell his name but it sounds like it I wonder what’s happened to these old pals good days at coldean long walk from town many a night especially by myself sod going up them stairs in wild park, took the long way around lol I used to run every morning to moulsecoomb school and jump every flight of those stairs look at them now and it makes you wonder how you didn’t Break your neck, just lucky I suppose, well better think of some more times will write again soon have a great Xmas all of you from Cliff Wake. PS remember the carol singing at Xmas around the estate.

    By Clifford wake (09/12/2020)
  • Hi all, thought I’d pop by and say hello… It’s been so nice reading up the ever growing list of names…. Trevor Bateson have often thought of you wondering how you were, I think you had asthma same as my sister….
    Does anyone know what or where Jimmy Baker is these days? He lived down the road from me in Coldean, he had a couple of brothers and a sister, I remember his brother.
    John… anyone see or hear of Gary Driver … John Bradford, he had a brother Colin. Gary’s brother I think was Russell.
    It’s lovely seeing this list get longer and on the whole most still around and enjoying life… since I last posted we sold the house in the Avenue Bevendean now in a bungalow in Peacehaven… made the best decision for us!!! Happy 2021 all stay safe xx

    By Liesa Saunders nee Gohmann (22/02/2021)
  • Hi Cliff, When I spoke to Kevin Carter he said his brother was living in France now, no curls anymore, that went when I got to 45 as it does. I do bump into Rebecca Turner as she was( I think she married Steven Mintrum) I have fond memories of Coldean and always will, I occasionally ride my motor bike around the estate it brings back so many memories.
    Pall Woods lives in Woodingdean as I do and we have a chat when we see each other. My sister (Sue) bumped into Peter Bishop at a party a while ago, I also think we walk past people we used to know but don’t recognise them it would be great to meet up sometime. My job takes me all over the world so have plenty to remenisce about. Hope to see some more conversations and will keep looking on this site.
    Bye from sunny Sydney .Dave Tuckett.
    PS I think Lisa or Maria Gomann was in my class in Coldean.

    By Dave Tuckett (04/05/2021)

    By SHIRLEY ROLPH (25/05/2021)

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