The original entrance

Station entrance
Photo by Farid Ullah

This was the original entrance to Brighton Railway Station which is now the exit for vehicles. It’s interesting with the canopy, the ironwork and the glass – and also the two black gateposts which are in fact the original gun barrels from a Napoleonic gun battery that was in Brighton. When the battery was taken away they kept the gun barrels and made them part of the gates in Brighton.

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  • I had no idea that the gates were made of gun barrels!!! I’m going to go to the station and have a closer look now! Thanks!

    By Graham Silander (12/07/2005)
  • There are in fact three guns, the third is to the right of the picture. I was told they were from a Russian gun battery at Sebastapol.

    By Frankie (12/12/2005)
  • I regret to say that the gateposts at Brighton station near the porte-cochre are NOT gun barrels. They were cast in that form but made of cheap cast iron that would never have withstood a charge fired out of them. (Information from tour guide 7/4/06)

    By Les Chatfield (08/05/2006)
  • I remember going to London twice a year because I was a size 10 shoe when I was only 14. This meant it was so hard to get shoes to fit in Brighton, this was in 1970. Mum and I went to London and came home with 3 pairs of shoes and a day in the ‘big smoke’ as we used to call it. The Station was always so busy people coming and going. I ended up going to Smith’s to buy a mag and a mars bar for the train ride …..I loved to look out of the window, but I hated the smell of smoke as in those days you could smoke on the trains. Oh the memories, but they were not the cleanest of trains either I remember getting home with all these shoes and been so dirty on the face and hands !! I couldn’t wait to have a bath. Bomb scares was another thing at the Station, they were pretty scary, all the police not to mention the delays too. I remember the lovely flowers sold at the station too. All the taxis outside in a line waiting to take folk to their homes.

    By Caroline Abbott ( Pratt ) (09/05/2006)
  • Does anybody know if the ladies hairdresser is still underneath the station? It used to smell of rotten eggs because of the perm solution, it was owned by my first ma in law, Graber.

    By Sandie Waller (25/04/2012)
  • Yes, I do remember the hairdressers under the bridge, my mum used to go there. We used to live in Terminus Road before our house was demolished. I also remember the bomb scares and football fans causing loads of trouble. The hair shop closed many years ago, but I still remember it!

    By Ann (16/04/2013)
  • Is the toy museum still under the station the guy that had it had an amazing collection of old toys and it’s a private collection a must to see if you get the chance

    By Ray Talmey (07/08/2019)

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