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Exploring the route of the old Dyke Railway: Part XIII video

Towards Dyke Station, train drivers view

Pete switches the camera to movie mode for the final approach towards Dyke Station.  It’s a historical occasion, the very first digital recording of the train drivers view of the approach to Dyke Station.  The 5 bikes bump and bounce along the old uneven track bed, with Dyke Farm looming up ahead.

Correction to Pete’s ad-lib commentary .

In Pete’s ad-lib commentary, whilst cycling through the cutting, he incorrectly states that the station is 500ft below the Dyke, it’s actually 500ft above sea level and 200ft below the Dyke.  The commentary was un-scripted, and spoken whilst cycling one-handed on a very uneven surface, where concentration was on staying on the bike, not on the geographical facts!

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  • That was obviously the ‘Puffing Billy; interesting and humorous.

    By Jeremy Homeward (24/02/2010)

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