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View from the platform

This is a very unusual shot of the Dyke Station. Many of the photos are taken from the hillside overlooking the station but, as you can see, this one is taken on the platform.

The Dyke Station
From the personal collection of Jim Type

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  • May be of interest to note that the final platform is still there along with the cliffs around the terminus station, although a tad overgrown. The trackbed to the station can still be followed to a reasonable extent (there is a program available for the route, for those of you with Tom-Tom’s!). The end of the line is on a farm so it may be a little difficult to get to but I have it on good authority that the owner is fairly affable to rail enthusiasts. Golf Club Halt is still in place and the platform is about 80% complete, although largely overgrown.

    By Lawrence Russell (06/10/2008)

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