Brighton is not as it was

Tony Fisher
Volks Railway

My name is Anthony Fisher and I moved to Brighton when I was two years old. In that time I went Mary Hare School for the Deaf until I was eight and then went back to Doncaster. After the war was over I moved back to Brighton at 15 years old. I have now been in Brighton for 59 years.

I feel that it is a shame that Brighton is not the same as it was years ago. I used to enjoy walking along the Seafront at Madeira Drive, it used to be lit up and was all colourful at night. I also think that they should make the Volks railway along the seafront longer so that people can enjoy the full benefits of Brighton and Hove.

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  • The Volks Railway is very good and I go on it regularly. It gives me the utmost pleasure to sit on it and look down the avenue of blue sea on a hot summer’s day. The breeze gently blowing on your face, the whirr of the train’s electronics and the sound of happy passengers. What a fantastic journey – beats the buses any day!

    By Percy Derrick (19/07/2005)

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