Dan Arroll had us in stitches

I remember being taken to see Max Miller at the Hippodrome as quite a young lad. This must have been shortly after the war ended. Later on we went to see Max Bygraves and I also remember a famous pianist called Charlie Kunz.

I also saw several pantomimes at the Hippodrome, but none of the programmes have survived, so I don’t know who the artists involved may have been.

My last visit to the theatre was a treat for a school friend’s birthday, circa 1957, when we were taken to a Variety Show featuring the late Don Arroll. He was then an up and coming comedian, making his name on TV as well as in the theatre. His career was cut short when he died at a tragically early age. He had us in stitches. The only artist to do this since was Bradley Walsh, who my wife and I saw at the Pier Pavilion in Weymouth several years ago.

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  • I remember the Hippodrome, saw many of the old stars but my saddest visit was when I was working for T.J. Braybon & Son Ltd on the conversion to a Mecca Bingo hall. It saddened me when I saw the old decor being covered up with the flashy colours of the new. Please see if you can have the founders of T.J. Braybon shop listed as being in East Street, and replace its proper site, Eastern Road, close to Rock Gardens. It changed to a fish & chip shop. My grandfather worked there from time to time when he lived in Pilgrims Cottages. I was to work for his grandson for 37 years. Have you in your collection a photo of Pilgrims Cottages, if so I would like to see it?

    By Albert Roberts (03/02/2006)
  • We had many good nights at the Hippodrome, seeing artsts like Derek Roy, Beverly Sisters, Tony Crombie and his rock and roll show, and Maxine Daniels, his singer , and Tommy Steele and the Steel Men. What nights,  great memories – this was 1956-57. It’s a pity its a bit run down now. I am coming down to the south coast in August to visit Brighton and Portslade.

    By Jim Kirkley (08/07/2013)
  • I remember Don Arrol, he lived near Rugby Place in Brighton and my friend used to wait outside his house to get his autograph, especially when he compared Sunday Night At The London Palladium. I think that was his big break.

    By Jennifer (10/07/2013)

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