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by Robert Niblett 15 February 2008

Do any of you remember ‘Rupert’, who for many years in the early/mid 1950s paced each day rapidly and tirelessly through the streets of the Fiveways area of Brighton commenting on the weather: “it’s a lovely day, today” etc. I think he lived in Hollingbury Park Avenue and as young boys we used to run at speed past what we understood to be his home, a terraced house on the western side with a suitably overgrown garden and an air of menace, on dark winter evenings on our way back from the 2nd Brighton Cub Scouts at St Matthias Church. My parents told me that he was someone who had studied too hard’ and that ‘his brain had snapped’ (These were obviously times of more simplistic psychiatric diagnosis!). But there was obviously a more complex and doubtless far more interesting untold story. Does anyone have any recollections or information?

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