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A Perfect Loo

by Roy Grant 21 July 2009

After the slating given the loos at Brighton Station, I do recall there were some other loos in town that were kept in excellent condition by ex army indiduals who took pride in their work. They wore short white coats and spent their days polishing every tile, handrail and all brass and copper pipework until you could see you face in them. The toilet doors always closed to pefection and the magnificent heavyweight solid brass retangular locks that accepted the solitary penny worked perfectly every time. These locks seemed to be so machined that a second user could not get in as the initial payee left. The air was pure and all the credit has to go to these ‘Gentlemen’s gentleman.’ Trouble is, although I know these loos existed and had the occasion to use them, I cant recall where one was, Clock Tower perhaps?

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