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by michelle Chivunga 16 March 2004

I am conducting a research on the city of Brighton on behave of some possible investors into the city and was wondering where I could receive some conclusive information about absolutely everything on the city in the form of :
Travel communications
Commercial profile: employment by sector, top ten employers with employee head count,
Tourism facts :
Top 10 tourist visitor attractions, visitors classified by purpose of visits with a breakdown of trips by domestic and international travellers and residents
Current hotel supply
The research is for clients who have a strong interest in hotel development and would like to have information of new and future hotel developments and the details
However in general I would really appreciate it if at all I could have a set of contacts or addresses as to contact those that may specialise in the different areas outlined.
I HAVE BEEN ON THE WEBSITE WHERE I HAVE TRIED TO FIND AS much information but would appreciate further more updated information for my clients who are very keen on Brighton.
I would really appreciate any information from the very basics for this research which in turn will may assist in future development in Brighton

Thank you for your time and assistance.

Michelle Chivunga
Research Assistant
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London W1U 6TQ
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