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Brighton Beach Etc.

by Tim Sargeant 17 March 2008

Re Brighton Beach, below;
Yes it was a whale or perhaps a dolphin We went to see it and it did smell !
Can’t help with the monkeys but somewhere I have a photo of the Astoria cinema being built. I thought I sent a copy to MyB&H.
Don’t remember that particular yacht but I do remember the one that came ashore one night at Saltdean in August 1957 during one of those summer storms; The captain / owner had mistaken the lights of the Ocean Hotel (Butlins) for the lights of Newhaven harbour. It came in beam end on to the undercliff which it hit with great force exploding into a shower of timber and splintered woodwork. The owner, a Dutchman was rescued as my father had the foresight to grab the lifebelt on the way down the cliff path, but his wife and baby were lost. The air-sea rescue helicopter was unable to help as it was too close to the cliffs and blowing a gale. The next morning all that remained to be seen was the engine, gearbox, propeller and shaft laid on the sand on the beach just as it fell out of the bottom of the boat. It’s all in the Evening Argus. TCS.