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Brighton Free Home for Destitute and Orphan Boys - aka Bryn aka 3 Upper Lewes Road.

by Geoff Robbins 16 May 2013

The 1891 census shows my great uncle as being a resident (or inmate) at No 3 Upper Lewes Road (a house called Bryn?) where the head of household is described as “Superintendant of Boys Home”, his wife is described as Matron and there are 24 boys aged 8 – 16 resident. According to Pages 1891 directory Bryn was the Brighton Free Home for Destitute and Orphan Boys. Master & Matron Mr & Mrs Watts. According to a book I found in Brighton Record Office, on the history of the Roundhill Rd area, Bryn was a boy’s home, apparently for deserving sons of the destitute & orphans who must have been recommended by members of the church (or their contacts). It gave a good upbringing and attempted to find boys apprenticeships. At the time, my great grandmother (his mother) was a widow living in Hove with my grandfather so presumably she was destitute or nearly so. Does anyone know anything further about this establishment and its admissions and history? Looking at Streetview, the current No 3 Upper Lewes Rd appears big enough to have been a residential home, but is it the same building?

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