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Captain Samuel Brown RN. Chain Pier and Bridge Builder.

by Tim Sargeant 13 April 2020 2:40 PM

Union Bridge from England.
Union Bridge. Chains and Links.
Union Bridge River Tweed. Scotland is on the left of picture.

Captain Samuel Brown who lived on Marine Parade whilst he was building the Chain Pier at Brighton also built bridges. Of particular interest to anyone interested in Brighton history is the Union Suspension Bridge which crosses the River Tweed between Horncliffe, Northumberland England, and Fishwick, Berwickshire Scotland. This was opened in 1820 pre-dating the ill-fated Brighton Chain Pier by three years and does still exist today. It has a single span of 449 feet whereas the chain pier had four spans of 225 feet. Viewing this gives an insight into the building of the Chain Pier. It is quite interesting to stand in the middle when a vehicle is crossing the bridge as there is a ‘bounce’ on the bridge of about 6″ vertical movement. Here are three photos taken on our trip to Scotland in 2018. Although not shown on many maps it is quite easy to find being signed ‘Chain Bridge’ from the A1 and A698. Has anyone else been to see it?