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by David Ward 3 September 2009

Hi Roy – re. your post yesterday – CCFs do not seem to have been discussed before in this forum. These were still taken very seriously, at Varndean at least, in the mid 60’s. I suppose they were still seen as a good training for potential officers in the future. The armed forces were still then seen as a natural career for grammar school graduates and we were strongly encouraged to join either the army or air force sections – I was airforce.

I seem to remember that it was Mr. Hobden who was CinC airforce with, I think,Jack Milford CinC army.

We got to go on various exercises, camps, stays at airbases etc. I remember one trip to RAF Wyton and USAF Lakenheath in Cambridgeshire. Wyton was full of old Valiant bombers (similar in outline to the better known Vulcan) whilst Lakenheath was very busy with constant to and froing of very noisy aircraft including B52 bombers.

At home we had a rifle range at Varndean Holt where we had .22 and .303 rifles. There was also a glider that we occasional exhumed from a nissn hut but as far as I know it never actually flew.

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