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Chevalier François de Rosaz

by Bouchet jean-Claude 10 January 2009

On Thu, Jan 8, 2009 at 10:06 AM, wrote:

Hello ,my name is Jean-Claude Bouchet, I information retrieval on the life and good works of the Knight François Rosaz, born with montmélian on 9 September 1799 and deceaded in London on September 26, 1876. I think his tomb would be in the cemetery or the church of Brighton? He made many gifts and foundations (hospital, old people’s home, institutions for the education of the girls, and the young boys…) with Montmélian but also in Brighton because it was very rich. It was the Mayor of Brigton of the time (1876) which was its executor testmentaire. I also know that it made gifts with the Museum of Brighton (astrological, physical, mathematical instruments). It lèga also with the Museum of Brighton a copy of a table of “the Virgin to the chair”? To finish it léga also all its libraries at the town of Brighton. I seek for an association ((Association of the Friends of Montmélian) of information concerning this man who was a good faitor to speak about it in our review. If you would have information where tracks of research, on this benefactor from our two cities, I would be very grateful to you. In particular if its tomb and that of his wife Marie Julia in Brighton always exist?

Better greetings

My Grand mother Léontine Rosaz (1876-1964) was the same généalogy Chevalier François Rosaz

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Jean-Claude Bouchet

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