Clapsons Stores Old London Road Patcham

by Jeanette C 3 April 2017

(I’m also going to post this on the Brighton Past group on Facebook but thought I’d ask on here as well.)
Does anyone happen to have any photos of the above that show the Clapson’s signage? The reason for my interest my great granddad William Clapson was the original owner of the shop. He died in 1933 and the shop went to another grocer so it wasn’t in the family after that but I know that it carried on trading under the Clapson’s name until the early 70’s so would still be interested to see any photos of during this time period. (I think he bought the shop some time around 1920.) I’ve seen loads of old photos of Old London Road (some of which do show the building) and had a good rummage in the Patcham Local History Society’s collection at the weekend but haven’t found anything that shows quite the detail I want. I’ve think I’ve probably seen most of what’s available on the internet but am just posting this in case anyone has one (which they don’t mind sharing) in a private collection.
Thank you!