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Davigdor Road

by Bristol Boater 21 May 2018

I’ve just seen this 2008 postfrom Celia Proud.
There was “another establisment with ation on the end”. It was an electricity generation sub-station on that corner. I was told this in 1957 (I was 12 years old) by a leader of a Crusader Christian group that met at the Holland Road corner opposite.

2008 post from Celia Proud:
Wasn’t the junction with Davigdor Road and Holland Road called ‘ation corner’? This was because there was education (the school), salvation (the church) and damnation (the pub). Was there another establisment with ation on the end? I’ve always wondered.
In reply to Ann Ritchie – I remember you very well, would love to hear from you.

By Celia Proud (12/08/2008)

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