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Degree project - historian help needed!

by Sophie 23 January 2008


I am currently doing some research into my family history in particular the history of one relative in particular. I was wondering if there are any local historians that you would be able to give me contact details of to try and further my quest as the work is for a final degree project.

Some rough details of the project:

I am looking into the history of Ethel Louisa Mary Wheeler (1884 – 1965). She was born in London but she moved to Brighton quite young to work for Lady and Colonel Vance who lived at 10 Arundel (according to the 1901 census). She later moved back to London and finally ended up in Runwell Mental Hospital in Essex for the last 20 years of her life. I am looking to find information about her younger life and possible reasons for her mental illness (if there are any). As I have no local knowledge of Brighton I am a bit stuck! I would like to speak to local historians who may know of the people she worked for and maybe this could lead to some new information.

Thanks for your time.

Sophie Watts

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