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Dig for Victory and vegetable and fruit growing in Brighton and Hove in World War Two.

by Mary Hill 1 May 2020 11:48 AM

Brighton Community Supported Agriculture – Fork and Dig It (FADI) is a local organic food growing project based at Stammer Park. (See for more).

We are preparing a pamphlet to give out with the vegetable plug plants we are growing to help inspire local people to grow more of their own food in these challenging times.
Does anyone have any memories, stories, photos or information you could share about you or your family growing your own produce during WW2, and the Dig for Victory Campaign?
If you consent, your memories may be shared in the pamphlet and/or on the FADI Facebook page etc. Many thanks.

(Editor’s note: if you wish to upload memories or photos, you can either reply to this message or contribute a new page to this site . Your contribution will then also be shared with FADI).  

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