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Does anyone recall the Brighton Giants basketball team from the 1950's/60's?

by Alan Phillips 27 July 2020 11:39 AM

In 1964 I joined the Brighton Giants basketball team. The team had been formed some years beforehand by Barry Widdowson and Gerry something or another! I was enthusiastic but not particularly good at the game, certainly not first team material (unless they were very desperate on match nights, when not enough normal first teamers turned up!).

Initially we trained every week at a school in Falmer, but soon after I joined we moved to the Boys Club in Edward Street, Brighton. The team did not lose a single match in the Brighton League, home or away for 13 seasons. Every one of those years, the runner-up team was The Fideilians, made up of old boys from my old school – Portslade County School for Boys.

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