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Ellingford's of Brighton

by Steven Ellingford 24 January 2010

I am interested in the Ellingford family John Ellingford married Ann Eaton at Halton in 1874 (it is pretty clear that they had children before they married)Children :- Mary Ann 1871 married Louise Morris, John Eaton 1872 married Ellen Blckburn, Harriet 1874 Frank Beard, William 1876 married Lucy Diwell, George 1878 Henry Albert 1880, the children of John Eaton and Ellen Blackburn were Elvina 1899 Ellen 1901 her twin John Edward 1901 Georgina 1903 Amy F 1906 Edward 1908 Thomas Thomas 1911. Georgina married John Harrison in 1925. You had an article about a murder that took place near Carlton Street about 1832 and one of the contributors was George Harrison a descendant of Georgina Ellingford and John Harrison. I would love to be able to make contact with anybody descended from any of the above, space does not allow me to list all of the Brighton Ellingford or their marriages. George Edward Ellingford is mentioned in the roll of honour he was killed in Arnham in WW11 and brother John I believe was a prisoner of war in Poland. I would be so grateful if you can put me in touch with somebody.
Steven Ellingford New Zealand

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