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Elmhurst, Warren Road, Lily Emma Livett

by Daniella McCarthy-Stewart 4 December 2019 11:22 AM

Hi All,
I’m not a local, but I have enjoyed reading all the reminiscences on here just the same. I am hoping that someone will be able to solve a mystery for me. My husband’s grandmother, Lily Emma Livett, died in Elmhurst, Warren Road, according to her death certificate. We don’t know if that was a nursing home or something like that. Colin never knew Lily, as her daughter, his Mum, was fostered from a young age, so he’d dearly love to know anything about her life and this is the only link. We know about her early life, from census information and other records, but nothing after 1939, and they’re only snapshots anyway. It would be great to know where this was, and if by some amazing fluke, anybody knows anything at all about Lily that they wouldn’t mind sharing, even whether she took sugar in her tea, I would love to get an email, it’s (see editor’s note). Lily never married, so far as we are aware, I hope she had good friends. She died in 1970 and would have been 74 then.

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