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Failure to respond - guilty!

by Honor 6 November 2009

Hello – Seeing a reference to this and looking back at some of my queries from last winter, I see I’m one of the guilty parties who have not been consistent in thanking people or responding when I should have. So I’m pleading guilty now and apologising. I would say however that it’s not intentional rudeness – sometimes one just doesn’t see a reply that comes up after you’ve stopped looking at that thread, sometimes other things – such as ill health or family problems – have prevented visits to this site. And sometimes it’s just sheer inefficiency! I was not particularly well for some of last winter and I see I failed to answer some people, such as Jerry, John Wall and Rene who replied to my queries on Kenning Tyre Services, Foundry St and Vale Park in Portslade, respectively. Can I say thank you very much to them now for their help, and to anyone else whose replies I might have missed. But this is a great facility, both the website as a whole and the message board, and I’m sure it is very much appreciated and valued by us all, even if we don’t always say so when we should. I will now go and don my sackcloth and ashes and will Try To Do Better.

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