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For Jules - House of Correction

by Andy Grant 19 December 2009

Hi Jules,
I did not respond to your query straight away, as I had come across this before and had doubts about the authenticity of the claims. Having spent the last week thoroughly investigating all of the information that relates to this property, I am now convinced that the claim is spurious.

The original property on the site, which was originally 20, Brighton Place was probably built at the end of the 18th century. It was used for commercial purposes and from 1822 was occupied by Robert Snelling, a greengrocer. This usage by the Snelling family continued until 1848, but the property was renumbered to 47, Market Street sometime between 1841 and 1845 (the numbering of Brighton Place/Market Street was rationalised at this time).
The property was demolished in 1858 and replaced with the building that stands there today. This was used for a charity school, then a home for emigrants, then as a private residence before reverting to commercial use in the 1950’s as an antiques shop.
With the use of the building fully accounted for, it follows that it could not have been a house of correction built during the reign of William IV.
However the plaque originated, it is incorrect.

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