Frai family (could they be Fray, now?)

by Julie M 26 January 2009

Furthering my research into my family’s relocation to Brighton, it would appear that a relative, Phyllis Abell, married a chap, by all accounts, Brighton-born but of Italian parents, called Gaetano Frai. From what I can see he had two sisters and one brother and also daughters, which might account for not being able to trace the name (there is a lady on Genes Reunited who would appear to be his daughter, but she’s 84, so I’m going to assume she’s not likely to log in every day and I probably won’t catch her on Facebook LOL).

He was born in 1898 and married Phyllis sometime around 1925, and had two daughters, Jean and Pauline (before 1930). Phyllis apparently worked at the Pavillion. I don’t know what, exactly, but am still hanging on to the thought of how it might tie into the theatrical costumiers.

I know it’s very vague, but wondered if you lovely people might have come across this unusual (Italian) name in your research? Do you think it might be possible the name was anglicised later on, to Fray, perhaps?

Any thoughts appreciated. I am very, very slowly getting pieces of this jigsaw together, mostly by tenuous links and lots of guesswork!

Warmest regards


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