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Geography project

by Laura Nichols 20 May 2002

hi, I’m doing my geography course work for my GCSE’s and I need some help!!!
For My project i am writing about the development of Hove (in housing terms) as you progress outwards from the centre of Hove (George Street).I need a page or so on an overview of the hitory of Hove and how it developed, when it expanded, why roads such as Tongdene Avenue were built and when! Also, Hove’s arcitectural history. The areas I am researching in particular are: Livingstone Road, Newtown Road, Bishops Road and Tongdene Avenue. Can you help me? Pleeeeeease. Have you got any relevant information? If you have it would be much appreciated at this address:
many thanks
Laura (Cardinal Newman School, Year 10)

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