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Hallett Road, Brighton. And the Florida Rooms.

by Sandie Foster 24 July 2002

I wonder if anyone remembers in the 50’s a house in Hallett Road (off Elm Grove) that used to sell ice cream from a kiosk in their back garden.

I remember as a small child (possibly 4 or 5) tentively opening the big gates, and seeing lots of garden gnomes around the garden, and then going up to the kiosk to buy my ice cream.

My Nan and Grandad (Hagon) lived at number 41 Hallett Road, so for me it was such a treat when I used to visit them, to be allowed to go all that way on my own, and buy my own ice cream.

Another much later memory is of the “Florida Rooms” down the sea-front, and seeing a group playing down there (this was early sixties, when mods and rockers were the in thing). The group was called the “High Numbers”, later on changing their name to “The Who” – (they were very good, even in those days). Now there are only two members of the band still living.

I left Brighton 21 years ago, but still have fond memories of growing up there.

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